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Sunday, April 25, 2021

Here at US Hole In One we pride ourselves in creating a streamlined purchasing process for our customers. We try to make the process of getting hole in one insurance simple and painless so tournament directors have more time to focus on their tournament and golfers. As easy as it is to fill out our application, we want to outline the process from quote to completion.

Step 1: Get A Quote Online

There are two ways to receive a quote with US Hole In One.

Online Instant Quote Calculator
As soon as you type in our web address, you’ll see our online price quote displayed on our home page. With a few clicks and information, you’ll receive a quote in minutes. We will need to know the following about your tournament:

Once you click the orange “Get Quote” button, you’ll instantly see your Hole In One Certificate Fee displayed. Along with your blank application ready to be filled out.

Get A Quote Over The Phone
If you would rather talk to someone live you can always call us at 888-882-5440 and talk to a tournament consultant that will walk you through the process as well as email you the pricing information and application.

Step 2: Fill Out The Application

After you agree with the quote, you can then start completing the 7-section online application. If you submitted the online quote calculator, your application will be displayed automatically. If you received a quote over the phone, the application link can be found in the body of the email. Once you open the link, you can view, edit and purchase the policy through the online application. To help you understand each section of the application, we’ve created an overview below:

Section 1 – Hole In One Contest Details & Contact Information
This section will display details from your quote about your hole in one contest. You’ll also be asked for your contact information.

Section 2 – Putting, Shootout & Dice Roll Contest Coverage
In this section you’ll be able to indicate if you would like an add-on contest or not. Choose a putting, shootout or dice roll contest. You can also purchase more than one contest as well.

Section 3 – Prize Package Options
As this section describes, all hole in one policies come with FREE standard bonus hole in one prizes for all of the other par 3 holes on the course, over 130 yards. So you can decide if you would like these signs included and how many. You can upgrade to the premium bonus prizes for a $45 fee.

Section 4 – Tournament & Golf Course Information
Fill in your tournament and golf course information which include its name, city and state.

Section 5 – Contact & Shipping Information
You’ll see the contact information that you filled out in section 1 on the right side and the left side will be black to fill in the shipping information.

Section 6 – Certificate Terms & Conditions
In this section you’ll be able to read and accept the terms and conditions that make up your policy. You want to make sure that you take the time to carefully read.

Section 7 – Payment Information (Checkout)
In this section you indicate payment information by entering your credit card information. You will also be asked to sign off that you agree with the terms and conditions. Once you hit ‘Purchase coverage’, a box will pop up giving you access to download your Certificate of Participation. You application is submitted!

Step 3: What’s Next?

How I know that I am covered.

Certificate Of Participation
After a client completes their application and then submits it to US Hole in One, the next question is always “how do I know if I’m covered?” We have a very quick turnaround time of processing applications and sending out signage. A customer’s proof of hole in one insurance with our company is found in what we call the Certificate of Participation.

After all the information is correctly submitted in our system and you pressed ‘Purchase Coverage’, you will receive an email with the Certificate of Participation. A Certificate of Participation is a document that is two pages long that show the customers proof of coverage and outline the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions about the application or quote process, do not hesitate to give us a call today at 888-882-5440 or email us at We are more than happy to answer all and any questions you may have.

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