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November 22, 2023
Posted by Megan Doherty

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Golf has a deep tradition, but that doesn’t mean it’s resisted new tech. From tracking your swing to analyzing course conditions, golf gadgets, and technology have transformed the way we play and enjoy the game. In this blog post, we explore the world of high-tech golfing, introducing you to the tools that can enhance your golfing experience.

GPS Devices/Digital Caddies

A good golf GPS will have all the information you could ever want about your course(s). They help golfers assess distances to hazards, greens, fairway landing zones, and sometimes even the slope. They can also serve as digital caddies and provide the golfer with advice about which club to use. Popular brands like Garmin and Bushnell have led the way in this technology. Our recommendation for this year is the Garmin Approach S70 Golf Watch. It shows the green’s contour, and the digital caddy uses your data for personal recommendations.

Launch Monitors

Launch monitors use a camera (or cameras) to capture and calculate critical data about your swing, including clubhead speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rates. This information is valuable for serious golfers looking to fine-tune their game and see where there is room to improve. This year, we recommend the Rapsodo Golf Launch Monitor & Simulator. With two cameras showing a wide angle and a high-speed shutter, this launch monitor can tell you just about anything you want to know about your swing. As an added bonus, this one also has a feature that allows you to simulate golfing on other courses.


Rangefinders use a laser or GPS to determine precise distance measurements to targets. They are especially helpful in navigating unfamiliar courses or when you need to be spot-on with your club selection. This year, we recommend the Bushnell Wingman GPS Speaker and range finder. You can listen to all your favorite songs and get accurate information on your distance from the hole. Best of all, it’s magnetic for easy mounting on your cart or bag.

Golf Swing Analyzers

Golf swing analyzers, often are integrated into mobile apps, offer real-time swing analysis. They usually work in one of two ways: there are sensors you can attach to your clubs or sensors you can attach to your body. The sensors provide feedback on your tempo, swing path, and clubface angle. They can offer an incredibly comprehensive analysis of your golf game. Our recommendation for a golf swing analyzer is the Arccos Caddie Smart Sensor. The Arccos sensors attach to the top of the club’s grip and can provide detailed information about the swing and even where the ball was likely to land. They are great for improving your game.

Golf App Subscriptions

A lot of golf tech comes with its own app nowadays, but there are some great golf apps out there that work without needing to buy additional equipment. There is a wide range of things that these apps can handle, including GPS, score tracking, virtual coaching, and swing analysis. These apps make it easy to access golf technology right from your smartphone. If you are looking to get a golf app subscription this year, we recommend 18birdies. While they offer a free version, the premium membership comes with a wide range of extra features, including a live weather map and even an AI Coach.

Non-Golf Tech

 A gadget doesn’t need to be designed specifically for golf to be useful on the course. There are gadgets for added entertainment, comfort, and health. For example, a heated vest or jacket like this one from ororo can make a huge difference on a cold morning, as can a heated travel mug. You can turn your round into a party with the help of a Bluetooth speaker like the JBL Flip 6 or LED golf balls. While a GPS watch may offer some similar features, a fitness tracker like a Fitbit can keep track of how far you’ve walked or calories burned. It’s always nice to get credit for the work you put in, even if it’s only from a fitness app.

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