What Is The Purchase Process?

How Do I Get Started? What’s The Next Step?

If you’re ready to get started in setting up an exciting hole in one, putting or shootout contest, here is what you need to do:

Start by getting a QUOTE!

Most of our customers find our quote calculator to be an extremely helpful tool. You find the quote calculator on our homepage. Simply enter your number of golfers, the yardage of the hole, and the value of the prize you are looking to give away; a quote will be instantly generated, giving you an exact price quote and an application for your contest.

Need More Information?

  • Some of our customers find it helpful to talk to us and ask questions about the coverage. We are always happy to lend our expertise! Give us a call at 888-882-5440.


  • When you are ready to bind coverage, simply log in to your quote and click bind coverage.
  • This will instantly generate your ‘certificate of participation’ and a receipt.

Certificate of Participation

  • The certificate of participation signifies that you are effectively covered for your event. If you have any questions regarding the coverage after receiving your certificate, contact us immediately for clarification.


  • If you elected to receive contest signage, at this time we will begin printing. Your signs will be printed in accordance with the information you provided when binding your coverage. If you opted for a logo be sure to promptly forward the image to art@usholeinone.com with your policy number. Once your signage has been printed, boxed and shipped, you will receive tracking information by email directly from FedEx, our preferred carrier. You should receive your signage no later than 24 hours prior to your event.

Day-of-Event Responsibilities

  • On the day of the event, you have several important responsibilities to carry out. First and foremost, make sure that the contest signage is placed at the appropriate hole(s). We will not be responsible for claims made at an incorrect location. Secondly, make sure that all of your golfers are covered. If you end up having more participants than you purchased coverage for, you MUST LET US KNOW! Any changes to your coverage (e.g. the number of shots, number of golfers, hole yardage, dates, prize values, etc.) MUST BE MADE PRIOR TO THE START OF THE TOURNAMENT and should be done by clicking “Make a Change” within the manage policy section.


  • If you have a winner for any of your contests, you must notify us within one business day of the event! Report it with the “Manage Claim” feature in the manage policy section. This will instantly generate your paperwork.


  • The claims process is typically fairly quick. Once we have received completed paperwork regarding the claim and have had an opportunity to speak with the winner, witnesses, etc. the prize is usually issued within approximately 3-4 weeks.

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