How Much Do Shootout Prize Packages Cost?

How Much Does Shootout Contest Coverage Cost?

For us to calculate a price for your shootout contest prize package, please be prepared to provide us with three pieces of information:

  1. The Number of Golfers who will be participating in the shootout contest
  2. The Distance of the Shootout Contest (165 yard minimum)
  3. The Value of the Grand Prize you wish to award to the contest winner(s)

The illustration below explains what effect each of these variables has on the price of a shootout contest prize package.

Hole In One Contest Insurance Pricing Matrix

Sample Pricing

As you can see from the table of sample shootout contest pricing below, packages can cost anywhere from $175 and up.

WP Data Tables

All pricing based on three factors: # of attempts, payout timeframe, and grand prize value. All players must be amateurs according to USGA rules and regulations and playing on 165+ yard hole. Witness requirements may apply. Prices subject to change.

To receive a price quote for your upcoming event, please call us toll-free at 888-882-5440, or fill out this brief price quote request form.

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