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How secure will my contest prize package be?

All prize coverage secured through US Hole In One is backed by underwriters rated “A+” by A.M. Best, an insurance rating organization. You can see how we rank with the other three top insurance rating organizations here. US Hole In One is always backed by the most secure insurance available. If you would like more information regarding insurance ratings in general, feel free to visit A.M. Best’s website.

How quickly can I get contest coverage?

You can secure coverage instantly online (as long as it is atleast 30 min prior to tee off). For events requiring signage, we prefer at least 10 days notice. However we can overnight signs to you if your order is received by 1:00PM EST the business day before. Additional rush shipping fees will be applied to events within 10 days.

What are bonus prizes?

Bonus prizes are Hole In One prizes for any of the additional par-3 holes on the course. They need to measure at least 130 yards for men and at least 115 yards for women. The standard bonus prizes are free to use with the purchase of a Hole In One package. That way no one goes home empty handed if they manage to hit a Hole In One at your tournament. You can view the current premium and standard bonus prizes here.

Do women/seniors get an advantage on the yardage?

Seniors must play from the men’s tees. Women, however, can play from 15 yards closer than wherever the men’s tees are set.

Do you require witnesses?

Yes, we do require a witness for all grand prize holes. The specific requirements as to who qualifies and how many are needed depend on the prize value, but all grand prize holes require at least one non-participant witness. For bonus prize holes, no witnesses are required except 2 playing partners.

Will my policy be cheaper if I opt out of signs or bonus prizes?

No, the cost of your hole in one prize package is not related to the complimentary signs or bonus prizes. The best way to decrease the cost of your policy is by increasing the yardage or decreasing the value of the prize.

Getting A Quote

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What information do I need to get a quote?

In order to get an accurate quote you will need the yardage of the hole, the number of golfers (amateur and pro), and the value of the prize you plan on using.

I don’t know how many golfers I’ll have, can I still bind coverage?

Yes, changes can be made up until tee off, so you can always update the number of golfers just before your event starts. Until then, just use your best estimate.

What do I put for yardage if its a women’s only event?

Since the price is calculated based off of the men’s tees, you should use 15 yards further than wherever the women’s tees are going to be set. If you are getting signs, you can make a note that you would like us to only write the women’s yardage.

Where can I access my quote/bind coverage?

Your quote will be emailed to you when you hit save. In that email there is a blue button labeled “View Quote/Application Here”. You can use this button to edit your quote or bind coverage. If you can’t find the email, you can always use the “Purchase Saved Quote” button at the bottom of the quote calculator on our home page. It will ask for the email address you used and the quote number.

Step-by-Step Video of How to Access an Existing Quote

How can I renew the coverage I got last year?

Click the “Manage Existing Policy” button on either your old emailed certificate or at the bottom of the quote calculator on our home page.This will bring you to a list of all of your past policies. Select the one you would like to copy then click “Renew Coverage”.

Step-by-Step Video of How to Renew a Policy

Purchasing A Quote

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What forms of payment do you accept?

We are happy to accept all major credit card companies (VISA, Mastercard, American Express).

How much does it cost to have a sponsor on my signs?

Having a sponsor on your grand prize sign is free. If you’d like to add sponsors to your bonus prize signs, it will be an additional $30 fee at check out. Just select “Yes, I want customized bonus prize signs” in section 3, and it will add them.

How do I add a logo to my signs?

In section 3 of your application, click “Sending Logo” as your sponsor name format. Once you checkout, you will receive an email from our art department requesting your logo to be forwarded to us. If for any reason you don’t see this email, email and include your logo and policy number.

What If I want signs, but don’t know my sponsor yet?

Select “Sending Logo” when asked in section 3. This will put your signs on hold until you reply to our automatic email asking for the logo. We will need the logo (or sponsor name) at least 10 days prior to your event to avoid any rush shipping fees.

Where can I go for additional signage?

The company we use and recommend is You can download an order form here, and email them at

I run a lot of contests, can I get a discount?

Yes, you can! Call one of our event specialists, explain your situation, and tell them you would like to participate in the Tournament Directors Program.

After Binding Coverage

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Where can I make changes to my policy?

Click the “Manage Existing Policy” button on either your emailed certificate or at the bottom of the quote calculator on our home page. Then select “Make A Change” in the top right. Changes can be made up until tee off.

Step-by-Step Video of How to Make A Change to a Policy

Do I need claims form at the tournament in case of a winner?

Not at all! You can report a winner right from your phone. It  will then automatically email you the necessary forms. Just make sure you get a copy of the tournament roster, and get the contact information for the winner and any witnesses. Then take a picture of the winner’s scorecard signed by the winner and their playing partners.

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