What Will 2030 Golf Look Like?

Sunday, January 5, 2020

With the year 2020 (sounds weird to say, right?) upon us, it makes you take a look at how things have progressed over the years. In a quick overview, we have gone from making our first automobile in 1885 to taking our first trip to the moon in 1969. And even now we are slowly but surely living the reality we imagined just decades ago. From automated vehicles, computers, and information at our fingertips. This makes us wonder, how will the game of golf evolve over the next decade? 

Golf has come a long way from the ball-and-stick games of ancient times. The turn of the 19th century marked the transition into the modern golf that we play to this day. Just prior, up to 1848, golf balls were made of feathers and leather. 

And even more recently golf has made some changes in the past few decades. From golf balls traveling at further distances, hybrids, fashion, and of course the ever-changing rules of golf. It is said that we may see jet packs, flying cars, brain-computer hybrids sooner than we think. So where does golf fit into the world as it makes its progression into a technological based age? 

Technology is sure to play a huge role in the future game of golf. Microchip technology will be seamlessly integrated into golf balls for tracking purposes. No more lost golf balls. And how about your clubs? How about only 4 – a driver, an iron, a wedge, and a putter? In the future, each club can be adjusted and extend according to your desire and swing. In terms of practice, a 3D holographic model will be made of you and your swing.

What can you expect for getting around the course? How about getting around on a scooter, bike or Segway. In Arizona, Kierland Golf Club upgraded their current golf carts by equipping it with a multi-media experience including the ability to check scores of ballgames, videos and play personal tunes on high fidelity speakers located on the golf carts.

Golf courses can also use their green to “go greener.” One course in the UK is using its lake to supply their energy. As a result, it’s making a significantly positive breakthrough for the environment and saving them from high utility bills.

We have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of golf. Do you have any thoughts on golf’s future progression? If it’s too far in the future to think, you can think about changing the way your golfers play today. US Hole In One offers exciting hole in one contests to give your golfers the chance to win big! Visit our site for details: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/

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