Local Golf Tournament Sponsors

Thursday, February 27, 2020

What businesses or organizations have been your go-to when it comes to tournament sponsors? There are many avenues to head down when it comes to looking for a sponsor. If you are just starting out, reaching out to your own network of people and local businesses is a great place to look for sponsors. You can find a great partnership right in your backyard and we can prove it.

Local Dealerships

Dealerships are one of the more popular options for a golf tournament. Especially if you are holding a hole in one contest. Local dealerships love to get publicity and what better way then having golfers see the car that they are using as a hole in one prize?

Local Startups

Startup companies are always looking to get their name out to the public so sponsoring an event is a great opportunity for them to start becoming more locally recognized.

Local Restaurants

Local restaurants and breweries are great if you are looking for a meal sponsor. They can donate lunch or even set up sample stations along the course. 

Local Law Firms

Law firms can also benefit from sponsoring golf tournaments by reinforcing their brand, or even bringing in clients more directly.A firm’s associates and paralegals can mingle with the public. Getting to know people who will likely need representation one day is one way to draw in direct leads through event sponsorship. 

Overall, you don’t have to reach out too far when it comes to finding a sponsor. Target places that you personally enjoy because local businesses are more inclined to support their loyal customers. For more information about adding value to your event, give our website a glance. We offer prized insured contests for your golf tournament.

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