Hold A Couples Only Golf Tournament

Sunday, January 26, 2020

If you know your golfers love playing golf with their significant others, you don’t want to miss out on this unique event. Hold a Couples Only Golf Tournament to encourage couples to some friendly competition on the golf course. And since Valentines Day is approaching, what better time to hold one, than on the holiday for love? See below to get some ideas on your tournament style, prizes and contests.

Select Your Tournament Style


Each 2-person team player will hit a tee ball and then will select their best positioned ball to hit their second shot. The team’s third best position shot will then be selected and each will hit from that spot, and so on and so until the team holes its putt.

Alternate Shot

Each 2-person team player will hit a tee ball and then will select their best position ball to hit their second shot. The players whose ball was selected shall not hit the next shot; his/her playing partner will hit the second shot. The alternate partner will hit the third shot, and the team members will continue to take turns in a similar fashion until the ball is holed. You will play the ball as it lies. You will not replace your partner’s ball with your own ball until you reach the green. Except when team member’s tee off, only one ball is in play through the green.

Best Ball

The 2-person team members will play their own ball through the green. After the completion of the hole, the team members will record their best one ball low net score. 

Select Your Prizes

You have the opportunity to be creative with your prize selection since couples will be involved. Contest prize ideas include:

  • Golf Vacation
  • New Car
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Free 1 Night Lodge Stay On The Course
  • Cash
  • Dinner For 2 At A Local Restaurant 

Additional Contest

Hole In One Contest

A hole in one doesn’t have to be made by just one person? How about 2? Challenge 1 lucky couple to a hole in one contest. If they can both win a hole in one, they win the prize! Or if you think that’s too much of a challenge, leave it for one person from the pair to make a hole in one instead. 

For more information on exciting contest additions to your golf tournament, visit US Hole In One

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