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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Swinging a golf club isn’t natural, and neither is getting adjusted to a world post pandemic. Adjusting to the new normal is hard for everyone. With some states slowly relieving stay at home orders, golfers are headed back to the green to brush up on their skills. It may seem like a cause fore celebration, but it’s not a transition that not everyone may be ready for. For those golfers anxious to practice at a place other than their living room, we want to share some tips to make the transition easier. 

Handle Your Emotions

Taking a break from golf for an extended period of time can make you feel a series of emotions. You may be excited to finally play again. Or you may feel insecure of your skills after not picking up a club for months. Change your mental game and your golf game will follow. Before returning, take some time to mentally prepare by reading a few books, meditating, and practicing mindfulness. 

Don’t Expect To Be The Best Golfer

There are no guarantees that your game will be in peak position when you return – just accept it. Don’t make it a goal to make a hole in one your first day returning. But make it a goal to make progress day by day. Golf is a game after all, so just have fun. Just being outside should be rewarding with our current situation.

Create A Workout Routine

Regardless of what critics may believe, golfers use a lot of muscle. Making sure that you workout before playing again is needed to ensure you avoid possible injuries. Create at-home-drills and do it consistently for a few days to loosen up your muscles. 

Practice Your Short Swing, Then Go Long

You will be rusty on your swing fundamentals. Start with smaller swings on the putting green. Make 5 consecutive putts at 20 feet. Once you are able to do 5, move on to 5 consecutive putts at 30 feet. Keep going, by lengthening your putts at each level. Once you’re done with your short game, work on your long strokes on the range. To start, use short wedges, then slowly level up to the full wedges. 

Be Prepared For Modified Play & Rules

Remember that you have to maintain your safety and the safety of others while at the golf course. This means that you have to follow course rules and CDC health and safety guidelines . These protocols differ from state to state so make sure to go to your states golf association website to see their guidelines.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and that you’ll utilize it once returning to the course. Remember to have fun and enjoy just being on the course again.

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