No Sponsor, No Problem!

Thursday, May 25, 2017

No sponsor, no problem! If you currently find yourself reaching out for sponsorships and getting denied, we have a solution! We have determined a successful approach that we have seen practiced with our own clients that is a guaranteed way to have sponsors waiting at your front door (or on the green). Recruiting sponsors will be just as important as recruiting the golfers themselves. You would sell your event to golfers with top contests and prizes. And sponsors are no different. You need to sell them with top marketing materials and exposure. And luckily, we have have both!

For the most part, your sponsors will be the biggest contribution of funding for your tournament. Yes, you can generate some revenue from registration fees, but the majority of funds for a charity event usually comes from businesses and organizations that have donated in exchange for favorable publicity. This is where our services come in to help. Publicity can range depending upon the type of contribution they would like to make. But no matter what sponsorship package they choose, we have corresponding signage. See below to check out a detailed list of possible sponsorships:

Title Sponsor: Your biggest sponsor, the one who pays enough to have their name on the event. This sponsor’s name usually goes on all signs and banners, and it’s featured prominently in other publicity materials. If you are reaching out to dealerships, then they have the greatest benefits! They can use the publicity opportunity to it’s full advantage. Providing prize vehicles for the tournament speaks for itself, but we take your marketing to the next level. We offer magnetic signs that can be placed on the vehicle to publicize the dealership. They provide the vehicle, and leave the marketing material to us.

Presenting Sponsors: Though not as big as the title sponsor, the presenting sponsors’ names should still appear sometimes smaller, on brochures and advertising. They usually even have the opportunity to speak at the event.

Contest Sponsors: These are people who donate prizes for contests. List them in any publicity materials, provide them with some kind of special thanks, and mention them during the awards banquet as you show off the prizes they donated.

Meal Sponsors: These sponsors contribute specifically to food and drinks. They can donate money to offset the cost of the banquet or, in some instances, donate specific food items — such as bottled water and soft drinks — for the golfers as they’re on the course.

Hole Sponsors: A hole sponsor pays a certain amount to sponsor a single hole on the golf course. A sign with their company name appears at the hole they’ve sponsored for all the golfers and fans to see as they play through. This is generally the least expensive sponsorship option.

By creating a variety of sponsorship packages, you are able to allow sponsors to contribute based upon their own budget. A sponsor with a bigger budget would sign up to be a title sponsor. While a business with a tighter budget may sponsor just a hole. Don’t scare sponsors away with huge dollar signs! And when reaching out to sponsors, you can also ensure them that they will get the proper recognition they deserve. Their signs can be fully customizable to include their logo or even promotion materials from their business.

No more stressing over sponsorships. With US Hole In One, we worry proof your event. To find out more information on what we can provide for your sponsors and golfers, check out our website at To speak to a representative give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at


Help Us to Help Better Serve You

Friday, May 19, 2017

Whether it’s improving the application process or developing new contests for your tournament, we are always looking for ways to enhance your experience. Providing tips, feedback or reviews will not only help other customers but your future experience with us. We take your comments seriously and make improvements or changes to our services according to your suggestions.

We can claim to be the leaders in Hole In One Insurance, but it only matters if our customers agree. And with the recent reviews we’ve been receiving, it seems to be true!  Read below For some of our most recent reviews:

★★★★★ Excellent Customer Service!

“I recommend US Hole In One – they provided excellent customer service. Each time I called with a question, they person on the phone was cheerful and helpful. The insurance was very affordable, and they were able to adjust the price when our situation changed (more than once). When it came time to order our signs, they were extremely helpful, and the signs came quickly and looked terrific. I highly recommend US Hole In One for your Golf or other events. ”   - Linda Cook

★★★★★ Helpful & Responsive

“I found US Hole In One to be both helpful and very responsive to our needs. Everything was handled very well and all the materials were delivered on time. I recommend them to anyone who is hosting a golf outing.”   - Maria Sclafani

★★★★★ A Trusted Business Partner

“We use US Hole In One for all of our contest insurance. They have very competitive rates, offer quick quotes and are an easy company to work with. Thanks!”   - Robert Schwab

To leave your own review of our services, please visit the following link:
We would love to hear from you! To see for yourself how great our services really are, please speak to a representative at 888-882-5440 or email us at to receive a free quote.



Why Your Golf Tournament Has Been Unsuccessful

Thursday, May 11, 2017

We don’t mean to be rude, but let’s be honest – a golf tournament can be a hit or miss easily if you don’t have the right components. In other words, your tournament can suck. At US Hole In One, we have a strong track record for making sure tournaments are done the right way. So it’s easy for us to figure out why and where your tournament went wrong. We have broken down a few factors into making sure that your next tournament can be a success all without breaking your bank!

Reason #1: Uneventful Grand Prize Options
Everyone needs some motivation. If you have a hole-in-one tournament with the grand prize set at a gift card to McDonald’s then this is an obvious sign that your tournament is in dier need of help! Golfers want to be motivated to play and motivated to win. Having real top prizes like a Hawaiian Golf Vacation, Boston Whaler Fishing Boat or Ford F-150 XLT Pickup Truck will give your tournament the proper boost it needs. Some benefits will be an increase in your registration rate and an increase in excitement! To see more grand prize recommendations please visit: You’ll find the right grand prize and secondary prizes for your tournament!

Reason #2: Player Intimidation
If you have an outstanding number of pros than amateurs at your tournament, this breeds intimidation. Your amateurs don’t want to compete with players that have far more years of experience than they do. But by equalling the playing field, this will allow your players (pro and am) to lighten up and remember to have fun. Give your amateurs the right equipment to play amongst the pros. We offer free club certificates to all your golfers! This will give your amateurs the right amount skills and confidence to compete with the big dogs. Want to see what other free materials we offer your golfers? Follow the link:

Reason #3: Not Enough Contests
Ok, so you have your tournament set up, but what else? Add some additional contests onto the green this tournament. This will give your golfers more opportunities to win and more reasons to want to compete next year. When you purchase any contest prize coverage for hole-in-one insurance or shootout contest insurance, you may “add-on” an additional putting and/or dice roll contest at a deep discount. And if your event is a non-profit tournament, this is an excellent opportunity to raise extra funds for your cause. Simply raffle or auction off the chance to compete in one of these exciting contests and increase your fundraising efforts substantially! Click here for more details:

Reason # 4: Lack of Sponsor Appreciation
For most events, your sponsors are the reason why you are able to have your tournament in the first place. Don’t you think it’s wise to show as much appreciation for them as you can. We give your sponsors the right recognition with our custom or templated sponsor signage! Whether they sponsored the tournament, golf carts, beverages or dinner, we have a sign for them. All of our templates can be customized to your specifications: new headers, fonts, logos and more! Check out our variety of templates here:

So you can see why your tournament has been unsuccessful, right? The main reason is because you have been missing one major component. That major component is US Hole In One Insurance! You’ve been missing out on top prizes, free certificates and gift cards, add-on contests and sponsor signs! Don’t let your tournament suffer any longer. Make sure that your next tournament is a success by insuring with US Hole In One. To speak to a representative and receive a free quote, call us at 888-882-5440 or email us at


Celebrating Past & Future Winners

Friday, May 5, 2017

Do you think your fans can be like Michael Mattar, who became a $10,000 winner after shooting a 189 yard hole-in-one. Or how about Henry Blough? He won a $50,000 Jaguar XF after shooting a 160 yard hole-in-one. We can keep going on, but we think you got the idea. These are just a few out of the thousands of winners that we have had. Each year we cover over $500,000,000 in prizes and have payouts on a daily basis of up to $1,000,000! With our 200+ winners yearly, the chances of having a winner at your own tournament is very high! And to give you just a glimpse of what we have in store for your event, we have compiled some highlights of our past epic wins. But don’t get discouraged, your fans still have an opportunity to be one of our future winners! And a win for them is a win for you especially knowing that you won’t be reliable for dishing out the cost of the prize. It’s on us! See below for details!

With US Hole In One, we have a winning domino effect that occurs when you decide to get coverage with us. You win as soon as you submit your application by guaranteeing that your prize is covered by us. If one of your fans win the prize then you practically win again! It’s a win-win situation.

To see a list of our most recent winners follow the link: For more videos check out the US Hole In One YouTube page. And if you have any videos of you hitting a hole in one let us know. We would love to share it!

To speak to one of our representatives to set up coverage for your next event then contact us at 888-882-5440 or email us at

Say ‘Thanks’ this Mother’s Day with an All Ladies Tournament!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Calling all female golfers!! Professional or amateur, mother or daughter – it doesn’t matter. How about giving your female golfers something to shoot for this Mothers Day! Leave the cards, jewelry and spa trips behind. Have them compete for a Mother’s Day gifts that can vary from a Caribbean Cruise to top cash prizes! They will thank you, and you will thank us. By insuring with US Hole In One, we will ensure that your prize amount is covered!

We have a list of other promotions and contests to hold to still show your appreciation for the women on the green. See other ways you can say ‘thanks’ this Mother’s Day with our various themed contests:

Spin, Roll & Win
This exciting contest combines two of our most popular games offered through our sister company, Interactive Promotion Group. Participants must first spin our prize wheel to determine what Mother’s day themed symbol must be rolled on the dice. The contestant then rolls the dice and if the dice match the winning symbol, they win the ultimate prize. This promotion is a great way to show appreciation for the women on your course on our fully customizable prize wheel and extra large dice!

Scratch Cards
Mother’s Day themed scratch cards are the perfect way to engage your golfers at your next tournament! Give customers the chance to win up to $1,000,000 at practically no cost to you. Our stock cards come in multiple themes or may feature a custom design of your choice. To win, players must simply scratch 6 boxes and if all 6 underlying symbols match, they win. The printed registration section on the back also serves as a great tool to maintain your client database.

To set up your all ladies tournament this Mother’s Day, speak to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at You can explore more of our other promotions and contests provided by our sister company, Interactive Promotions Group, by checking out their website at

Every Golfers Kryptonite!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Everyone has a kryptonite. This perception that all humans are meant to be strong all the time is saved for superheroes. Humans have weaknesses that vary from the screeching chalk board sounds, loud chewing, ice cream, gum popping, and shopping to name a few. But how well do you know your golfers kryptonite? If you need help trying to determine what your golfers find hard to resist US Hole In One is here to help.

We know exactly what makes your golfers weak! Every golfer can’t resist the word “free.” And with US Hole In One, we have free giveaways for all of your golfers during your next tournament. We want to work with you and as an incentive we are offering every golfer in your event one(1) FREE golf club from Warrior Golf and a $10 off Worldwide Golf Shops cash card. When you place your order with us we will send you enough golf club certificates and Worldwide Golf Shops cash cards for each golfer in your event so that you can hand them out at the tournament registration table and/or put them in your golfers’ goodie bags!

We also know that your golfers crave big prize packages and cash! We have a variety of hole-in-one insurance prizes that will have your golfers yearning to win. See here for a list of our top prize packages: If you don’t find what you are looking for we can cover any prize you can dream up!

Satisfy your golfers sweet tooth during your next tournament. Give them what they need but more importantly what they can’t resist! This is a sure way to create a buzz and anticipation! To speak to one of our representatives to learn more at 888-882-5440 or email us at

Throwback Thursday: Highlighting Some of Our Most Epic Winning Plays

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It’s Throwback Thursday for US Hole In One! We want to take the time to look back at some of our most memorable winning plays! We dug into our archives and brought out some surprise reactions, effortless wins, and big prize winners! Treat these wins as a taste of what’s to come for your own tournament.

Putting Contest
Jordan Ensrud – $5,000 Winner

The first golfer we want to remember is Jordan Ensrud who made a winning hole in one putt to earn $5,000! In 2009, Ensrud attended the MASLA golf event in Anoka, MN. The sponsors of the event purchased hole in one insurance for the 60 foot putting contest and their decision to get coverage protected them from dishing out $5,000 and also made Ensrud $5,000 richer. It was a win win situation for the sponsor and the winner with no financial risk. Our putting contests are just as unbelievable as his win. We offer a variety of distances and if you think weather will be an issue, we also provide Indoor Putting contests!

Putting Contest
Ruby Ross – Wins a Set of Callaway X Hot Irons (3-PW)

Next, Twelve Stones Crossing Golf Club of Goodlettsville, TN purchased hole in one insurance in 2013 for their MIHI Golf Scramble, giving their golfers the chance to win big. Their tournament shows just how much freedom we give our clients in terms of customization. We offer prize packages that include vacations, and cars, but this client opted to make a Set of Callaway X Hot Irons (3-PW) their prize instead. Their are no limits when working with us. In this case, they were also in control of distance. Our standard distance for putts are usually 40 or 50 ft and this client chose to make things more difficult for their golfers by creating a 138 yard putt! So how will you decide to challenge your golfers during your next tournament?

There are a number of other memorable wins that can be seen on our Youtube page found here. But don’t think that your golfers can be the only winners. By purchasing our hole in one insurance, you will win by saving your self from the financial risk of insuring your own tournament. To find out how to insure your next event, reach out to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440. Or email us at





Win Prizes Greater than a Master’s Jacket!

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Masters are here! It’s the first major championship of the year and the event brings professional golfers from all over the world to compete for a win, cash prizes and medals. As tradition has it, they also compete for the famous “green jacket”. The jacket has been an icon for the event that symbolizes the champion. Not all of your golfers had the opportunity to attend the Masters this year to compete. So to lift their spirits, what will you have them compete for instead?

To give them the motivation needed to participate, try one of our contest promotions! Throw a Hole In One, Shootout or Putting contest and offer your players top prizes like a car, cash, or even a trip to the Masters! Give your golfers the opportunity to see golf’s most famous championship! This package sends your winning golfer and their guest to Augusta, Georgia, the home of the Augusta National Golf Club for five (5) nights. They’ll embark each day to the tournament to see all of the action with this package that includes airfare for two, lodging, transfers, and passes to all four rounds of The Masters!

Plan your next event with us! Speak to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at

Distance Between You & Up to $25,000: Only 40 Feet!

Friday, March 31, 2017

The size of the golf ball: 1.68 inches. The size of the hole: 4.25 inches. The distance between you and up to $25,000: only 40 feet! With US Hole In One, the math is simple. Your event + your golfers + our putting contests, then that = a successful event! Putting contests tends to be the most popular events run at golf tournaments and outings. Raffle off the putt or run an action-packed qualifying event; either way, you are sure to inject some excitement into your next golf extravaganza!

There are a ton of benefits to running a putting contest besides winning the grand prize. Your putters also receive the following free of charge:

· Free Signage – High-Quality, Full Color Signs For Every Contest
· Free Golf Clubs – Each Player In Your Event Receives a Certificate Redeemable for Free Golf Clubs
· Free Worldwide Golf Cash Card – $10 off Worldwide Golf Shops Card for Every Golfer at Your Event

We didn’t forget about you! Your event will also receive :

·”A” Rated Prize Protection – US Hole In One is Backed by the Best!
· Free Shipping – Signs Shipped by FedEx Directly to Client or Golf Course
· 110% Low-Price Guarantee – All Legitimate Quotes Will Be Beaten!

Click here to download the Putting Application to get get started!: To speak to a representative to walk you through the process contact us at 888-882-5440. Or email us at

You Call the Shots, We Cover the Costs!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Things are looking rather different in the digital world, which has driven a revolution in the way we engage, interact and transact with customers. We are in a time where customization is at the forefront and customers have more power than ever before. Look at TV for example. We no longer are waiting for the TV guide. We use to watch shows we really didn’t even want to watch to begin with. We now have the option of watching what we want, when we want and how we want. The same can go for music and clothing. We now listen to only artists that we want to listen to and style (individualism) has become more prevalent than fashion and trends. With US Hole In One, we understand that our modern day customer has evolved and we have adapted right along with them!

We give our customers more options now than ever before. So what do you want your next tournament to consist of? Cash prizes, trips to world renowned golf courses, or giveaways? You’re in control of how you want to customize your event. US Hole in One takes care of the hard part – covering the cost of your win. You are protected from the worry of figuring out how you will cover the large win of a $1,000,000 Shootout!

So it’s your call! Reach out to one of our representatives to take control of your event! Call us at 888-882-5440 or email us at