Every Golfers Kryptonite!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Everyone has a kryptonite. This perception that all humans are meant to be strong all the time is saved for superheroes. Humans have weaknesses that vary from the screeching chalk board sounds, loud chewing, ice cream, gum popping, and shopping to name a few. But how well do you know your golfers kryptonite? If you need help trying to determine what your golfers find hard to resist US Hole In One is here to help.

We know exactly what makes your golfers weak! Every golfer can’t resist the word “free.” And with US Hole In One, we have free giveaways for all of your golfers during your next tournament. We want to work with you and as an incentive we are offering every golfer in your event one(1) FREE golf club from Warrior Golf and a $10 off Worldwide Golf Shops cash card. When you place your order with us we will send you enough golf club certificates and Worldwide Golf Shops cash cards for each golfer in your event so that you can hand them out at the tournament registration table and/or put them in your golfers’ goodie bags!

We also know that your golfers crave big prize packages and cash! We have a variety of hole-in-one insurance prizes that will have your golfers yearning to win. See here for a list of our top prize packages: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/hole-in-one-insurance-prizes.html If you don’t find what you are looking for we can cover any prize you can dream up!

Satisfy your golfers sweet tooth during your next tournament. Give them what they need but more importantly what they can’t resist! This is a sure way to create a buzz and anticipation! To speak to one of our representatives to learn more at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

Throwback Thursday: Highlighting Some of Our Most Epic Winning Plays

Thursday, April 13, 2017

It’s Throwback Thursday for US Hole In One! We want to take the time to look back at some of our most memorable winning plays! We dug into our archives and brought out some surprise reactions, effortless wins, and big prize winners! Treat these wins as a taste of what’s to come for your own tournament.

Putting Contest
Jordan Ensrud – $5,000 Winner

The first golfer we want to remember is Jordan Ensrud who made a winning hole in one putt to earn $5,000! In 2009, Ensrud attended the MASLA golf event in Anoka, MN. The sponsors of the event purchased hole in one insurance for the 60 foot putting contest and their decision to get coverage protected them from dishing out $5,000 and also made Ensrud $5,000 richer. It was a win win situation for the sponsor and the winner with no financial risk. Our putting contests are just as unbelievable as his win. We offer a variety of distances and if you think weather will be an issue, we also provide Indoor Putting contests!

Putting Contest
Ruby Ross – Wins a Set of Callaway X Hot Irons (3-PW)

Next, Twelve Stones Crossing Golf Club of Goodlettsville, TN purchased hole in one insurance in 2013 for their MIHI Golf Scramble, giving their golfers the chance to win big. Their tournament shows just how much freedom we give our clients in terms of customization. We offer prize packages that include vacations, and cars, but this client opted to make a Set of Callaway X Hot Irons (3-PW) their prize instead. Their are no limits when working with us. In this case, they were also in control of distance. Our standard distance for putts are usually 40 or 50 ft and this client chose to make things more difficult for their golfers by creating a 138 yard putt! So how will you decide to challenge your golfers during your next tournament?

There are a number of other memorable wins that can be seen on our Youtube page found here. But don’t think that your golfers can be the only winners. By purchasing our hole in one insurance, you will win by saving your self from the financial risk of insuring your own tournament. To find out how to insure your next event, reach out to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440. Or email us at info@usholeinone.com.





Win Prizes Greater than a Master’s Jacket!

Friday, April 7, 2017

The Masters are here! It’s the first major championship of the year and the event brings professional golfers from all over the world to compete for a win, cash prizes and medals. As tradition has it, they also compete for the famous “green jacket”. The jacket has been an icon for the event that symbolizes the champion. Not all of your golfers had the opportunity to attend the Masters this year to compete. So to lift their spirits, what will you have them compete for instead?

To give them the motivation needed to participate, try one of our contest promotions! Throw a Hole In One, Shootout or Putting contest and offer your players top prizes like a car, cash, or even a trip to the Masters! Give your golfers the opportunity to see golf’s most famous championship! This package sends your winning golfer and their guest to Augusta, Georgia, the home of the Augusta National Golf Club for five (5) nights. They’ll embark each day to the tournament to see all of the action with this package that includes airfare for two, lodging, transfers, and passes to all four rounds of The Masters!

Plan your next event with us! Speak to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

Distance Between You & Up to $25,000: Only 40 Feet!

Friday, March 31, 2017

The size of the golf ball: 1.68 inches. The size of the hole: 4.25 inches. The distance between you and up to $25,000: only 40 feet! With US Hole In One, the math is simple. Your event + your golfers + our putting contests, then that = a successful event! Putting contests tends to be the most popular events run at golf tournaments and outings. Raffle off the putt or run an action-packed qualifying event; either way, you are sure to inject some excitement into your next golf extravaganza!

There are a ton of benefits to running a putting contest besides winning the grand prize. Your putters also receive the following free of charge:

· Free Signage – High-Quality, Full Color Signs For Every Contest
· Free Golf Clubs – Each Player In Your Event Receives a Certificate Redeemable for Free Golf Clubs
· Free Worldwide Golf Cash Card – $10 off Worldwide Golf Shops Card for Every Golfer at Your Event

We didn’t forget about you! Your event will also receive :

·”A” Rated Prize Protection – US Hole In One is Backed by the Best!
· Free Shipping – Signs Shipped by FedEx Directly to Client or Golf Course
· 110% Low-Price Guarantee – All Legitimate Quotes Will Be Beaten!

Click here to download the Putting Application to get get started!: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/putting-contract.pdf To speak to a representative to walk you through the process contact us at 888-882-5440. Or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

You Call the Shots, We Cover the Costs!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Things are looking rather different in the digital world, which has driven a revolution in the way we engage, interact and transact with customers. We are in a time where customization is at the forefront and customers have more power than ever before. Look at TV for example. We no longer are waiting for the TV guide. We use to watch shows we really didn’t even want to watch to begin with. We now have the option of watching what we want, when we want and how we want. The same can go for music and clothing. We now listen to only artists that we want to listen to and style (individualism) has become more prevalent than fashion and trends. With US Hole In One, we understand that our modern day customer has evolved and we have adapted right along with them!

We give our customers more options now than ever before. So what do you want your next tournament to consist of? Cash prizes, trips to world renowned golf courses, or giveaways? You’re in control of how you want to customize your event. US Hole in One takes care of the hard part – covering the cost of your win. You are protected from the worry of figuring out how you will cover the large win of a $1,000,000 Shootout!

So it’s your call! Reach out to one of our representatives to take control of your event! Call us at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

Prepare Golfers for Your Next Hole In One Tournament

Friday, March 17, 2017

Not all golfers that attend your hole-in-one tournament will be professionals. To insure that your amateurs have an equal chance at winning the grand prize, make sure that they are equipped with the proper training tools. US Hole In One has listed a few recommendations for training your amateurs to be on the same level as pros.

Offer a Practice Round
In golf, many times the golfer has a chance to play a practice round to learn the course. During the practice round they determine which club to use, where the bunkers are, the location of any water hazards and out-of-bounds areas, and the layout of the green.

Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer
The Hole-In-One Swing Impact Trainer gives your golfers the freedom to practice their swing indoors or outdoors. It teaches a balanced swing and follow-through, develops the muscle memory needed for a great swing and enables the correct swing rhythm and tempo.

The Perfect Grip Trainer
This product teaches you how to grip your club correctly. You attach it to the grips of your clubs and make your regular swings. Your hands are your only connection to a golf club so you have to make sure that your grip is good. That makes it a lot easier for you to hit a good shot or even get a hole in one!

So if our game improvement tips are this good, wait till you get a piece of our world class hole in one insurance. Golf outings are so much more fun when there is a grand prize for hole-in-one winners. For information of the golf outing and insurance services that we provide, feel free to call us at 888 882 5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

How the New Golf Rule Proposals will Benefit your Tournament

Friday, March 10, 2017

Let’s admit it, the sport of Golf has been showing it’s age – over 500 years old to be somewhat exact. It’s past puberty, went through menopause, and is now seeking more changes with the new proposed golf rules. For some, “it’s about time.” For others, what comes to mind is skepticism and disapproval. You can be the judge by reading about all of them over at the USGA website. The plan is to take feedback from golfers now, finalize the changes in 2018, and introduce them officially to the rules of golf on Jan. 1, 2019.

With the game of golf possibly changing, you can expect that your tournament will do the same. To take precaution, it’s a good idea to know exactly how your event will be affected. We have listed a few of the new proposed rule changes and how you can use the changes to work in your favor with US Hole In One.

Lost Balls
New Rule: You will be allowed to search for a lost ball for three minutes.
Current Rule: You may search for five minutes.
USHIO Tournament Proposal: Losing a golf ball on the green will seem like less of a problem if your players know that they have a free $10.00 cash card! USHIO has partnered with Worldwide Golf Shops to offer a free cash card to each one of your players! Your players can replace lost balls by shopping for new ones on their website.

Pace of Play
New Rule: Recommends that players make each stroke in no more than 40 seconds, and usually in less time.
Current Rule: No recommendations are given.
USHIO Tournament Proposal: Since players will no longer be able to take their time eyeing the ball and wait for the perfect breeze, nothing motivates players more to hit the ball than money. Speed up your tournament and offer cash prizes up to $1,000,000!

Playing with Damaged Club
New Rule: A player may keep using any damaged club, even if the player damaged it in anger.
Current Rule: A player may use the damaged club only if it was damaged in the “normal course of play.”
USHIO Tournament Proposal: Let your players get angry all they want! Damaged clubs with USHIO can easily be replaced with through our partnership with Warrior Golf Clubs. We offer free Golf club certificates for each one of your players at your tournament.

Player Accidentally Moves Ball
New Rule: If a player accidentally moves a ball when searching for it, or accidentally moves his/her ball marker or ball on the putting green, the new rule will be that there is no penalty.
Current Rule: 1-stroke penalty.
USHIO Tournament Proposal: By holding a Hole in One contest, the only time your players are moving the ball is once. One swing and one chance to win big cash prizes. No possible penalties!

With the new proposed changes, you can see that you and your players have nothing to worry about. USHIO has made it easy to adapt to the changes with our free offers and contest options. To find out more info speak to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.

“Signs”, Sealed, Delivered. It’s Yours!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Stevie Wonder said it best, “Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m Yours!” But here at US Hole In One, our Event Signs are sealed and delivered and ready for your next tournament! The process is that simple! To show you how quick and easy it is to receive signage for your next event, we have outlined the process below:

  1. Complete an Order Form:

Using the blank order form you received from a consultant at US Hole In One, or the downloadable blank order form (found here: https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/signage.html) and fill out your order. Please indicate if a particular sign receives a logo or normal text. Also indicate the quantity you desire of each sign.

  1. Submit Logos if Necessary:

All logos should be submitted by e-mail to art@USHoleInOne.com. Logos MUST be of a high resolution; preferably 300dpi or higher. Acceptable file formats include JPEG, GIF, TIF, Adobe Photoshop, Abode Illustrator. If there is a problem with a logo you submit, the Art Department at US Hole In One will contact you.

  1. Receive Your Signs:

Once printed, all signs will be shipped out via FedEx or UPS. For larger orders, your signs may arrive in separate boxes. If there are any problems with your signs or their stakes, notify us immediately (888-882-5440).

  1. Let the Fun Begin:

On the day of your event, place the signs out on the course and watch your sponsors smile!

Make an easy decision and allow US Hole In One to supply signage for your next tournament! Contact one of our representatives 888-882-5440 to find out more. Or email us at info@usholeinone.com

Pay in the Hundreds. Insured in the Thousands.

Friday, February 24, 2017

At US Hole In One, we stand behind our 110% Low-Price Guarantee! We want to ensure that our customers can have the most successful event without paying the most. When you get coverage through US Hole In One, if you have a hole in one contest winner, we become fully responsible for paying out the prize.  Feel good about being worry-free!

Our pricing is based on three factors:

  1. The Number of Golfers who will be participating in your event.

  2. The Distance of the Par 3 Hole that you will be holding your contest on.

  3. The Value of the Hole in One Prize you wish to award to contest winners.

With that being said, the higher the prize value, number of golfers and closer the hole distance, then the higher the cost. The lower the prize value, number of golfers and farther the hole distance, then the lower the cost. No matter what you choose, our customers pay way below the actual prize that is covered. It’s proven in some of our sample prices:

Grand Prize

72 Players

100 Players

144 Players

$8,000 Home Entertainment System




$10,000 Safari Vacation




$11,000 Pebble Beach Golf Vacation




$13,000 Harley-Davidson




$15,000 Cash




$25,000 Cash




Contact US Hole In One to speak with a representative at 888-882-5440. We will be able to provide you with a low-price quote for your next big tournament!

Celebrate the Greenest Holiday on the Green!

Friday, February 17, 2017

St. Patrick’s Day is approaching! And you don’t have to be Irish to know the St. Patrick’s day is more than a holiday that gives people permission to wear green – it gives them an opportunity to play on it! Use the luckiest holiday of the year to work in your favor. Hold a St. Patrick’s themed golf tournament with “green” aka cash as the grand prize!

US Hole in One has prize packages and even promotions from our sister company (Interactive Promotions Group) to help you have a successful tournament. We have listed our top St. Patrick’s Day inspired games and packages to get your contestants excited about winning their pot of gold.

Event Signage

US Hole in One provides Event Signage https://www.holeinoneinsurance.com/signage.html so that your sponsors get the recognition they deserve. All signs can be customized to fit your needs. Signs include the sponsor name and name of the hole they will be sponsoring. We already include images on the sign, but you have the option of providing your own or give us creative license to customize it for you. See to the right, our signs can reflect the St. Patrick’s Day theme with shamrocks, goblets or horseshoes!


Sham”Rock” & Dice “Roll”

Add on a Dice Roll contest to your tournament to push you contestants luck. Select four lucky golfers from your event and offer him or her the chance to roll the dice and spell “L-U-C-K-Y,” or “S-T-P-A-D-D-Y.” To jazz up your dice even more, include icons of clover or rainbows!

Come on lad! Contact one of our representatives at 888-882-5440 or email us at info@usholeinone.com.