Plan A Chari-Tee Golf Tournament

Friday, June 12, 2020

Your next golf tournament can produce more than one grand prize winner! Consider benefiting a charity organization or cause to make a difference in many people’s lives! Charity golf tournaments are known to be a very lucrative fundraising strategy. They can also be intimidating and their costs can also be a little higher than your average fundraising event. It could be your first time planning a charity golf tournament or you want to find new strategies to improve your planning, budget and execution. Either way, we want to share tips to make your next tournament a success and raise money for your cause.

Pick The Right Golf Course For Your Event

Make sure you do thorough research and find a golf course that is just as excited about supporting your cause as much as you are. Don’t reach out to just one course, compare costs and services between a few different courses to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Pick The Perfect Date

This tip coincides with finding the right course. As your decision for picking a course may stem from whether courses are available. Our best advice is to be flexible. Courses may offer discounts for off-season or mid-week golf dates. You also want to find out when other golf tournaments are taking place in your area. Too many charity events could lead to low attendance and unattainable financial goals.

Determine Your Budget And Goals

How much you plan to raise effect’s how much money you need to budget. The costs of that go into meeting your goals will certainly influence your planning. Create a budget outline and that spells out goals, roles and responsibilities.

Provide Additional Contests & Activities 

Golf may be the bread and butter for your event, but it’s always important to look at different ways to raise money. Have you considered including fundraising ideas and contests. They add excitement to your golf fundraiser by giving golfers an opportunity to win money and prizes.

Here are some ideas:

  • Mulligan Packages. 
  • Fundraising Raffle.
  • Silent Auction
  • Hole In One Contest
  • Cash-Bar Golf Cart
  • Helicopter Ball Drops

Provide A Variety Of Sponsorship Opportunities

Not every sponsor wants to contribute in the same way. Be flexible with your sponsorship packages. Give your sponsors a variety of options to get involved in your charity golf tournament. Some sponsors may want to sponsor the entire event, others might want to be a food or prize sponsor. By broadening your options, you’ll have tons of opportunities to reel sponsors into your event. 

Make Sure Sponsors Are Marketed & Branded

Ensure all sponsorships are well represented at your event. This includes signage, cart magnets, logo inclusion on printed materials, thank you’s, and more. 

Hire A Photographer

Hire an on-site photographer to take pictures at the event. For those that wish they could have made it to the event, photos will be a great post-event recap on your social media, website and newsletter. It can also create more of a pull for registrations for the next event since people can see in the photos how successful the event was. 

Establish A Cancellation Policy

An event can get cancelled for many reasons outside of your control. One of the main reasons an event is cancelled is due to weather. Inclement weather can heavily impact your tournament with high winds, rain, snow, and/or lightning. Weather insurance can be a great safety net to protect your investment. Our sister company US Weather insurance can provide coverage for your next tournament. Visit their website for a free quote.

Whether you are planning a small or large event, we hope that this content has helped you get started organizing your charity golf tournament. Good luck!

Get Back To The Swing Of Things

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Swinging a golf club isn’t natural, and neither is getting adjusted to a world post pandemic. Adjusting to the new normal is hard for everyone. With some states slowly relieving stay at home orders, golfers are headed back to the green to brush up on their skills. It may seem like a cause fore celebration, but it’s not a transition that not everyone may be ready for. For those golfers anxious to practice at a place other than their living room, we want to share some tips to make the transition easier. 

Handle Your Emotions

Taking a break from golf for an extended period of time can make you feel a series of emotions. You may be excited to finally play again. Or you may feel insecure of your skills after not picking up a club for months. Change your mental game and your golf game will follow. Before returning, take some time to mentally prepare by reading a few books, meditating, and practicing mindfulness. 

Don’t Expect To Be The Best Golfer

There are no guarantees that your game will be in peak position when you return – just accept it. Don’t make it a goal to make a hole in one your first day returning. But make it a goal to make progress day by day. Golf is a game after all, so just have fun. Just being outside should be rewarding with our current situation.

Create A Workout Routine

Regardless of what critics may believe, golfers use a lot of muscle. Making sure that you workout before playing again is needed to ensure you avoid possible injuries. Create at-home-drills and do it consistently for a few days to loosen up your muscles. 

Practice Your Short Swing, Then Go Long

You will be rusty on your swing fundamentals. Start with smaller swings on the putting green. Make 5 consecutive putts at 20 feet. Once you are able to do 5, move on to 5 consecutive putts at 30 feet. Keep going, by lengthening your putts at each level. Once you’re done with your short game, work on your long strokes on the range. To start, use short wedges, then slowly level up to the full wedges. 

Be Prepared For Modified Play & Rules

Remember that you have to maintain your safety and the safety of others while at the golf course. This means that you have to follow course rules and CDC health and safety guidelines . These protocols differ from state to state so make sure to go to your states golf association website to see their guidelines.

We hope that you found these tips helpful and that you’ll utilize it once returning to the course. Remember to have fun and enjoy just being on the course again.

Golfing Precautions To Practice When Returning To The Green

Friday, May 15, 2020

Golfers are used to following rules. As the rules of golf can change pretty frequently in comparison to other sports. But with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, golfers will have to follow health and safety guidelines while golfing at their local course. If golfers don’t comply, they will be removed from the course without a refund in some cases. But even worse, they run the possibility of putting themselves, friends, family and fellow golfers at risk.

There is no one general guide to follow when it comes to golfing during these uncertain times as the guidelines set in place vary from state to state. For example, New York is officially banning golf carts on the courses due to coronavirus, but will now allow carts for individuals with disabilities. Some states are less strict and are able to play close or as close to how they used to play before. 

However, simple practices like the ones listed below can help maintain your safety and the safety of others while on (and possibly off) the course:

  1. Avoid using a cart. Some courses may ban it all-together. Even though courses sanitize the carts, it’s just safer to not use one. A walk around the course would be the better option.
  2. Wear golf gloves. (I think we all know why)
  3. Food and liquor services in clubhouses may be limited with no sit-down dining. If possible take to-go orders only or eat at home before or after you play.
  4. Golf is already a social-distancing friendly sport. As you would definitely want to stay away from other golfers who are about to swing. But in general, stay six feet away from other golfers and employees when possible. 
  5. Be prompt. Arrive at the course just minutes before your tee time and leave directly after your round. No need to linger and socialize.
  6. Wear a face covering.

All of these new practices are not a fun addition to your game. But when it’s time to pull out a club, the game of golf is the same. The sport will eventually be played like before, but for now, we must all adjust temporarily for our safety and health. 

To see your states golf guidelines, visit your states golf association website.

What Makes A Great Tournament Grand Prize?

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Are there ingredients that up a great tournament grand prize? Unlike making a soufflé or a beef wellington, the ingredients that make up a grand prize are pretty simple. We share our ingredients for a successful grand prize below. And don’t worry, no measuring cups or a baking sheet are needed.

Add A Dash Of Opulence

An over-the-top element like a luxury car or an expensive trip will get more golfers impelled to participate. But you don’t have to spend a lot to give away a huge prize. Before you select your prize, it’s a good idea to establish your financial projections for your event. If your budget allows you to give away a sports car, why not? But the luxury of getting hole in one insurance allows you to give away top prizes while only paying a small amount for coverage.

Presentation Matters!

Don’t just tell your golfers what you are giving away, but show them! Adding signage to your green can add more excitement to not only your golfers but sponsors as well. A sponsor wants recognition, and a sign with their logo or name next to the grand prize can definitely give them the exposure that they paid for. With US Hole In One, we offer full-color contest signs for your grand prize signs! 

Reasons For Failure

After you put all of these ingredients together, there is still a chance that your recipe for a successful grand prize can fail.There are a few reasons why. One reason could be marketing. Not doing enough means that golfers are not alerted about your tournament and all its perks. Another reason is the kind of marketing you are doing. Effectively, marketing needs to target golfers and in the right way. And this means understanding your golfers inside and out. If your golfers are not the kind of golfers to want elaborate trips and shiny things, you can offer them golfing equipment instead. Both, not marketing enough and properly, can spell disaster for a tournament and so getting it right is an important ingredient of success.

When it comes to grand prizes, you don’t have to think too hard about what to offer your golfers. US Hole In One offers grand prizes that range from golf vacations to a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. You can find more of the grand prizes we offer here.

If none of our prizes excite you, we can cover any prize you can dream up! We now offer a $2,000 Customize Your Own Prize package as well. If you have a unique prize you would like to offer at your golf tournament, we’ve got you covered! We can insure anything from concert and sporting event tickets to vehicles and vacation packages. Minimum prize value of $2,000.

Golf Clubs You Need In Your Bag

Friday, March 6, 2020

When you learn about the basics of golf, you learn that it is essential to play with specific gear. With that being said, a golf club to golf is like a baseball bat to baseball. It’s one of those key tools needed to play the game of golf. But you can’t play with just any club. You not only have to consider the quality of club you purchase, but it’s also important to consider your own skills and needs So with over 40 different types of clubs to choose from, how do you choose the right clubs for your bag? 

When you’re just starting out, you don’t necessarily need a full set of clubs. A full set will often come with a variation of this grouping of clubs:

  • Driver
  • 3 Wood
  • 3 Hybrid
  • 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9 Irons
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge
  • Putter

New golfers can play a successful game of golf with just half of the 12 clubs that are in a full set. Beginners skills aren’t yet developed enough to take full advantage of full set and aren’t likely to see any different results when using a 6-iron versus a 5-iron. Ultimately you can’t go wrong with thinking long and short when it comes to clubs. For example, a driver is important as you need to get the ball off the tee. A putter is equally important when it comes to short strokes. 

However, the responsibility of this decision lies on you. You have to look at the areas that truly need improvement. At US Hole In One Insurance, we offer FREE golf clubs for all of your golfers. What’s sweeter than that? For more information you can call us at 888 882 5440.

Local Golf Tournament Sponsors

Thursday, February 27, 2020

What businesses or organizations have been your go-to when it comes to tournament sponsors? There are many avenues to head down when it comes to looking for a sponsor. If you are just starting out, reaching out to your own network of people and local businesses is a great place to look for sponsors. You can find a great partnership right in your backyard and we can prove it.

Local Dealerships

Dealerships are one of the more popular options for a golf tournament. Especially if you are holding a hole in one contest. Local dealerships love to get publicity and what better way then having golfers see the car that they are using as a hole in one prize?

Local Startups

Startup companies are always looking to get their name out to the public so sponsoring an event is a great opportunity for them to start becoming more locally recognized.

Local Restaurants

Local restaurants and breweries are great if you are looking for a meal sponsor. They can donate lunch or even set up sample stations along the course. 

Local Law Firms

Law firms can also benefit from sponsoring golf tournaments by reinforcing their brand, or even bringing in clients more directly.A firm’s associates and paralegals can mingle with the public. Getting to know people who will likely need representation one day is one way to draw in direct leads through event sponsorship. 

Overall, you don’t have to reach out too far when it comes to finding a sponsor. Target places that you personally enjoy because local businesses are more inclined to support their loyal customers. For more information about adding value to your event, give our website a glance. We offer prized insured contests for your golf tournament.

Types Of Putting Contests For A Golf Outing

Friday, February 14, 2020

You may be familiar with just one style when it comes to putting contests. However, US Hole In One offers three types of putting contests that you can hold at your next tournament – single putt, progressive putt and add-on putt. All contests give your golfers the opportunity to take a chance to putt for a prize. But there are differences between the three as well. To make sure you pick the right putting contest for your event, allow us to explain how they work and how you can benefit from them.

Single Putt Contest

With a single putt contest, you can allow your golfers to attempt a single 40 or 50 foot putt for a prize. If they successfully putt the ball into the hole, they win the prize, and US Hole In One Covers the cost! Depending on your budget this putting contest can be done with multiple participants. Or you can narrow your participant down to one lucky putter by holding qualifying rounds, or pre-selecting through a raffle to name a few options. Prizes can vary from a big cash prize to vacations and almost anything you can dream up.  

Progressive Putt Contest

This contest allows you to get more people in on the fun! Have your golfers start with the challenge of making a 10-foot putt. For those that are successful, they move onto a 30-foot putt.  The challenge then progresses to a final 50-foot putt for the grand prize. If any of your golfers are able to make all three winning shots, they win!

Add-On Putting Contest

The last type of putting contests is an “add on” that is purchased along with a hole in one insurance contest. The add on putting contest is 60 feet and the prize values are $2,500, $5,000 or $10,000. Since the add on putting contest has a discounted rates it is only for one person from the tournament.

Additional Benefits For Holding A Putting Contest

Whether you choose a single add-on or progressive contest, they all come with a complimentary putting sign which you can customize with your sponsor’s name or logo, your putting hole number and the prize to be won. You can find additional information about our signage by viewing our putting application or hole in one application. This can give you an idea of deadlines, requirements and more

Also, we also do not charge you for the shipping of the sign as long as you get us the application 10 days prior to your event date. Some other companies add fees onto their services for sending you the material you need for your event.

Keep in mind that we offer a wide range of golf contests including the standard hole in one insurance. If you are considering a hole in one contest or a putting contest, choose the company that has the means to ensure your security and to ensure your contestants have a fair shot at winning a fabulous prize. We also have a low price for our services which we match with a 110 percent low price guarantee. If you find a lower price we will beat it by 10 percent of the difference as long as it comes from a legitimate competitor. For more information on any of our putting contests give us a call at 888-882-5140.

Hold A Couples Only Golf Tournament

Sunday, January 26, 2020

If you know your golfers love playing golf with their significant others, you don’t want to miss out on this unique event. Hold a Couples Only Golf Tournament to encourage couples to some friendly competition on the golf course. And since Valentines Day is approaching, what better time to hold one, than on the holiday for love? See below to get some ideas on your tournament style, prizes and contests.

Select Your Tournament Style


Each 2-person team player will hit a tee ball and then will select their best positioned ball to hit their second shot. The team’s third best position shot will then be selected and each will hit from that spot, and so on and so until the team holes its putt.

Alternate Shot

Each 2-person team player will hit a tee ball and then will select their best position ball to hit their second shot. The players whose ball was selected shall not hit the next shot; his/her playing partner will hit the second shot. The alternate partner will hit the third shot, and the team members will continue to take turns in a similar fashion until the ball is holed. You will play the ball as it lies. You will not replace your partner’s ball with your own ball until you reach the green. Except when team member’s tee off, only one ball is in play through the green.

Best Ball

The 2-person team members will play their own ball through the green. After the completion of the hole, the team members will record their best one ball low net score. 

Select Your Prizes

You have the opportunity to be creative with your prize selection since couples will be involved. Contest prize ideas include:

  • Golf Vacation
  • New Car
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Free 1 Night Lodge Stay On The Course
  • Cash
  • Dinner For 2 At A Local Restaurant 

Additional Contest

Hole In One Contest

A hole in one doesn’t have to be made by just one person? How about 2? Challenge 1 lucky couple to a hole in one contest. If they can both win a hole in one, they win the prize! Or if you think that’s too much of a challenge, leave it for one person from the pair to make a hole in one instead. 

For more information on exciting contest additions to your golf tournament, visit US Hole In One

What Will 2030 Golf Look Like?

Sunday, January 5, 2020

With the year 2020 (sounds weird to say, right?) upon us, it makes you take a look at how things have progressed over the years. In a quick overview, we have gone from making our first automobile in 1885 to taking our first trip to the moon in 1969. And even now we are slowly but surely living the reality we imagined just decades ago. From automated vehicles, computers, and information at our fingertips. This makes us wonder, how will the game of golf evolve over the next decade? 

Golf has come a long way from the ball-and-stick games of ancient times. The turn of the 19th century marked the transition into the modern golf that we play to this day. Just prior, up to 1848, golf balls were made of feathers and leather. 

And even more recently golf has made some changes in the past few decades. From golf balls traveling at further distances, hybrids, fashion, and of course the ever-changing rules of golf. It is said that we may see jet packs, flying cars, brain-computer hybrids sooner than we think. So where does golf fit into the world as it makes its progression into a technological based age? 

Technology is sure to play a huge role in the future game of golf. Microchip technology will be seamlessly integrated into golf balls for tracking purposes. No more lost golf balls. And how about your clubs? How about only 4 – a driver, an iron, a wedge, and a putter? In the future, each club can be adjusted and extend according to your desire and swing. In terms of practice, a 3D holographic model will be made of you and your swing.

What can you expect for getting around the course? How about getting around on a scooter, bike or Segway. In Arizona, Kierland Golf Club upgraded their current golf carts by equipping it with a multi-media experience including the ability to check scores of ballgames, videos and play personal tunes on high fidelity speakers located on the golf carts.

Golf courses can also use their green to “go greener.” One course in the UK is using its lake to supply their energy. As a result, it’s making a significantly positive breakthrough for the environment and saving them from high utility bills.

We have a lot to look forward to when it comes to the future of golf. Do you have any thoughts on golf’s future progression? If it’s too far in the future to think, you can think about changing the way your golfers play today. US Hole In One offers exciting hole in one contests to give your golfers the chance to win big! Visit our site for details:

Hole In One Contests: Here’s How It Really Works

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Hole In One contests brings many questions to the surface. You may have wondered, how are golfers even able to make a hole in one. Or how are tournaments able to give away huge prize amounts for their winners? These questions are common but commonly misunderstood. So we want to break down how a hole in one contest really works so there is no confusion. By understanding how it works, you can have a better understanding of how you can use this popular contest to work for your advantage during your next tournament.

What Is A Hole In One Contest?

Hole in one contest is usually held during golf tournaments as an additional contest. The contest is featured with a big prize to build excitement for golfers to participate or to gain profits. The tournament organizer uses prize insurance to cover the expense of the prize if a lucky golfer happens to make an ace.

Contest Prizes

Your hole in one coverage provider assumes the risk associated with offering a valuable prize at the hole in one contest in return for a modest fee. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to selecting a prize. Typical prizes include the obvious like cash, cars, and trips. Some contests give away boats or even college tuition. It all depends on your tournament and it’s the theme. For charity events, they may choose to do a 50/50 cash split where half of the money goes to the winner and the other half to the designated charity. 

With US Hole In One, the only limitations to follow when selecting a grand prize are that it must have an actual, known dollar value and its value cannot be greater than $1,000,000. Otherwise, the choice is all yours!

The Set-Up Process

Before you get started with setting up a hole in one contest, it’s best to speak to your coverage provider to make sure you understand the process. By the end of our conversation, you can also have an exact price quote and an application for your contest.

To calculate a price for your hole in one package, please be prepared to provide these three standard pieces of information:

  1. The Number of Golfers
  2. The Distance of the Par 3 Hole
  3. The Value of the Hole in One Prize.

You then fill out an application and wait for processing and confirmation.

How Much Does It Typically Cost?

With US Hole In One, our prize packages can cost anywhere from $180 and up. 

What’s Included?

Some coverage providers like US Hole In One will include free signage to go with your hole in one contest. No need to go to a local print shop to supply signage. 

Marketing A Hole In One Contest

Now that your contest is set up now what? You are probably wondering how you get golfers interested in registering for your tournament. The reason why Hole In One Contests is so popular is that they promote themself. If you hold a contest with a huge prize like $50,000 cash or a sports car, golfers tend to be interested instantly.

During The Hole In One Contest

While the hole in one contest is occurring you want to do a few things to make sure your event is properly following your insurer’s guidelines. 

First and foremost, make sure that the contest signage is placed at the appropriate hole(s). 

Secondly, make sure that all of your golfers are covered. If you end up having more participants than you purchased coverage for, you must let your insurance provider know. They can typically adjust your coverage all the way up until the first tee shot is struck.

What If I Get A Winner?

If you have a winner for any of your contests, you must notify your insurer. They can then issue the appropriate paperwork. The prize is usually issued within approximately 3-4 weeks.

We hope this quick overview of a hole in one contest answers most of your questions. For additional questions, it’s best to give us a call (888-882-5440). We can help you through the process of purchasing hole in one insurance.