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How To Hit The Hole In One Shot?

Although many hole in one stories are unbelievable and happen at chance, there is a simple way to increase your odds of getting that ace. What is that one key to decreasing your score and increasing your chances? Hitting the ball straight! Its actually very simple...

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US Hole In One News

December is typically a cold month, and the recent snowfall has rivaled that of past years. Most people have dreaded going outside whilst others are more than comfortable with playing in the snow. Altogether, the weather has been cold but that has not stopped people...

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So What Does It Take To Ace A Par 3

So here’s a question for you all: “What does it take to get a hole-in-one?” Is it brute strength? US Hole in One’s answer to that is a BIG NO! So what is it then? Is it precision? Maybe, but offline tee shots that ricochet off a tree and into the hole are not really...

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Amazing Hole In One

We at US Hole In One are in total disbelief at how we haven’t shared this hole in one with you. As readers of this blog already know; we always do articles on amazing hole in ones, but this time we promise it’s different. Vijay Singh has made a lot of holes-in-one but...

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Another Youngster Aces a Par 3 Hole

Kids these days! In one of our earlier blogs, 11 year old Ben McCormick from Colchester, VT got a hole in one. We thought it would end there but we were so wrong.This story takes us to Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, Canada where another 11 year old holed out on a par...

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