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Hole In One Insurance for Lady Golfers!

Joy Croft started playing golf in 1969 and since then has accomplished not just one hole in one, but three! Her latest hole in one occurred on the 15th hole of Blenheim Golf Club in New Zealand. She hit her 5 wood 142 yards to the green and was unable to see the ball...

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Training Aids Help You Hit a Hole In One!

If you ever get the chance to actually go to a PGA Tour event you will see the players working diligently on their games on the driving range. You might see some funny looking training aids too but don’t be intimidated. These same training aids can help you too. Here...

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Improve Your Par-3 Play to Score a Hole In One

US Hole In One is a premier hole-in-one insurance provider and is improving every year. The more clients we attract, the better and more inviting our hole in one insurance has to become. It’s a growing process that we enjoy. US Hole In One’s clients are primarily...

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US Hole In One’s Top Reason’s To Play Golf

Golf is a great game to play. It is not played as much as other mainstream sports but it is still worth it. To some it might not be a sport, but true golfers know that it is way more than that. Here’s why we at US Hole In One think golf is a good game to play:1....

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What’s in Store This Year On The PGA Tour

We’re almost all the way through March and the PGA Tour is in full swing. US Hole In One is happy that there have been some holes in one by the pros already. The most notable hole in one so far was by Robert Allenby. Camillo Villegas put on a show at the Honda Classic...

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Who Will Support Tiger?

It’s far too early to get a feel for the public opinion on Tiger’s apology video however the praises from his sponsors and fellow players are extremely supportive. Tiger’s two main sponsors Nike and EA Sports decided to stick by Woods’ side after the cheating scandal...

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Is A Hole In One Shootout In Your Future?

Why would you want to offer a million dollar shootout? The economy is struggling, some of today’s best golf courses are feeling the pinch as membership dues do not come in, and golfers are hitting the greens less frequently. This may be the right time to host a...

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Hole In One at 90 Years Old!

Practice makes perfect in any sport, especially golf! Golf, unlike other contact sports, is one that you can participate in well into your old age. Many seniors take up golfing as a hobby after they retire and it a great way to stay active! The senior golfers may not...

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