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Obama Switches From The Court to The Course

The White House has seen its fair share of athletes grace the oval office. Both Gerald Ford and Dwight Eisenhower both played college football and George H. Bush led the Yale Baseball team to the World Series of college baseball. In addition to the Presidents of the...

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How To Hit The Hole In One Shot?

Although many hole in one stories are unbelievable and happen at chance, there is a simple way to increase your odds of getting that ace. What is that one key to decreasing your score and increasing your chances? Hitting the ball straight! Its actually very simple...

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US Hole In One News

December is typically a cold month, and the recent snowfall has rivaled that of past years. Most people have dreaded going outside whilst others are more than comfortable with playing in the snow. Altogether, the weather has been cold but that has not stopped people...

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Great Holiday Gifts for Golfin’ Gals!

Although it made be below freezing outside and the possibility of getting in a good golf game seems to be in the very distant future that doesn’t mean you can’t gear up your golfer for next season. Here are some helpful hints on what to get that lady golfer in your...

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So What Does It Take To Ace A Par 3

So here’s a question for you all: “What does it take to get a hole-in-one?” Is it brute strength? US Hole in One’s answer to that is a BIG NO! So what is it then? Is it precision? Maybe, but offline tee shots that ricochet off a tree and into the hole are not really...

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