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Cover Your Prize With US Hole In One And Each Golfer Gets A Free Golf Club

Here at US Hole in One we understand the difficulty of scoring a hole in one. An ace is considered the greatest achievement for an average golfer and the odds of such a feat are about12,500 to 1. Of course when you sign up to play in a golf tournament your mind is set on that 160 yard hole in one for a brand new Lexus or a $25,000 cash check. Unfortunately in the back of your mind you know you are not going to ace that 160 yard hole every golf tournament you play in.

US Hole in One wants every golfer in the tournament to feel like a winner so we have brought back our free golf club certificate program! When you sign on with US Hole in One to insure your golf tournament, every golfer will receive a certificate for a new golf club sponsored by Upswing Golf. Golfers will receive the certificate the day of the tournament and will be given the choice of a 17-degree hybrid club or a wedge.

Upswing golf is giving away these high quality golf clubs in order to promote their business and get their name known in the golf world. The only cost to the golfer is a shipping fee of $22.95 which compared to the price of a new golf club today is next to nothing! For more information about this program check out the main page of our website and click on “Free Golf Clubs” on the right hand side or feel free to contact one of our tournament consultants at 888-882-5440.

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