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Contest Insurance: Shootout vs. Hole In One

Here at US Hole In One we want your golf tournament to be a success! We find that the best way to do that is to add some excitement to the tournament with one of our contest insurance packages, mainly a hole in one contest. Many of our clients call in and say they want to do a hole in one contest for a million dollars but in reality when your dealing with a tournament of 100 golfers the coverage for that kind of contest can get extremely expensive! US Hole In One offers both hole in one contest and shootout contest insurance, not sure which one to purchase for your tournament? Let us clarify the difference between the two so you know exactly which one is the prefect fit for your tournament!

A hole in one contest is hands down the most popular addition to a golf tournament because it gets all golfers involved in the chance to win a grand prize. The hole in one contest occurs during the course of play on the 18 holes. Grand prizes can vary in value based on your needs. Our most popular grand prize is a cash prize of around $25,000 however we do a lot of coverage on cars and vacation packages valued at all different prices. The value is completely up to you! Pricing for the hole in one contests are based on the prize value as well as the number of golfers in the tournament and the distance of the par 3 hole you want to use. Along with the grand prize coverage US Hole In One includes additional prizes to put on the other par three holes at no extra charge! With four different prizes on the golf course that day, a hole in one contest is a great way to get people to register for your tournament!

A shootout contest is a little different than a hole in one contest because these contests occur at the end of the tournament. After the tournament is over and the group is going to gather for dinner and drinks, a shootout is a great way to end the day! With high prize values at stake you can choose to do a million dollar shot for as little as $200. The Million Dollar Shootout will allow one lucky golfer the chance to take a shot from 165 yards to see if they can make a hole in one! The Million Dollar Shootout is also a great way to raise some money for the event by selling raffle tickets to be put in the pot for that one final golfer!

Whichever type of contest insurance you choose US Hole In One will ensure that you are completely covered for the event! The process is simple and representatives are available for price quotes and questions by simply calling 888-882-5440.

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