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How Is Hole In One Prize Coverage Pricing Determined?

The easiest way to understand the pricing mechanisms behind hole in one insurance is to think about the variables that go into pricing: the number of players, value of the prize and the distance of the hole. Given this knowledge, you can begin to understand the price flexibility of hole in one contest coverage. For example, if you increase the value of the contest prize you would like to give away, your price is going to increase and vice versa. If you increase the yardage of the hole that the hole in one contest is being held on, you make the hole more difficult, and the price will go down. If you increase the number of players, the chance that someone will win the hole in one prize during your event will increase, and thus your price will increase. As you can see, there are certain variables that you can manipulate to find a more affordable policy for your event. Many times people get a price quote, think it is way too expensive, and never run a contest. If they understood that some careful "tweaking" could lower their price, many would find that there is a hole in one prize coverage suited for their particular budget.

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