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Can I Set Up a Hole In One Contest at a Driving Range?

At US Hole In One, we are often asked whether or not coverage can be purchased for a contest that takes place at a driving range. While it is indeed possible to setup a hole in one contest at a driving range, there are some very important regulations that must be abided by before our underwriters will issue the coverage for the contest.

First and foremost, as a driving range hole in one contest logically does not take place during the normal course of a round, the contest is deemed to be a shootout. Thus, the selection of contestants becomes important. We are not permitted to offer hole in one coverage for shootouts where the contestants have been selected based on their skill. Thus, holding a closest to the pin contest for a week leading up to the hole in one contest and selecting the very best players from that event will not serve as an appropriate selection process. This makes sense as general hole in one insurance is priced according to the average ability of an amateur or professional player. While the industry’s actuaries have determined the odds of a typical amateur golfer making a hole in one, they have not pinpointed the odds of an above-average amateur making an ace, and thus do not offer coverage for such a contest. Therefore, when selecting a contestant for a contest at a driving range, the selection process must be totally random. We recommend to our clients that selection is made by picking a name out of a hat or matching numbers on raffle tickets. If the contestant for your hole in one contest is selected at random, you have passed the first test to receiving coverage for your event.

Secondly, the hole that your contestants will be aiming at must be a USGA regulation style green. Thus, the green must not be constructed out of synthetic materials. Astroturf style greens will not be acceptable for this event. In addition, the grass on the green must be mown in the same manner as any typical green would be. The size of the cup and flag must also follow all of the regulations set forth in the USGA’s rules of golf. If the green matches these requirements, then it is acceptable for a hole in one contest.

Should you have any questions regarding the feasibility of a hole in one contest at a driving range, please feel free to contact one of US Hole In One’s knowledgeable tournament consultants, for more information.

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