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Add-On Putting Contest Insurance:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking to add something extra to your hole in one insurance package? US Hole In One offers add-on putting contest insurance, at discounted rates, when you purchase them along with your hole in one insurance package.

Adding a putting contest to your tournament is a great way to raise money as well. By selling tickets during registration and throughout the tournament you can raise money for your organization. At the end of the tournament select one lucky golfer’s name from the tickets sold during the day and give that person a chance to putt for a big cash prize.

US Hole In One offers three options for the add-on putting contest. All putts must be sixty feet and they are for one contestant, you just need let us know if you would like to purchase the putt for $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000. All putts must be videotaped. The video needs to show the measurement of the putt and the lucky golfer taking their one shot. Keep in mind that the flag must be pulled during the putt. You will also need to have one person who is eighteen years of age or older, who did no play in the tournament, to act as a witness.

When you purchase the insurance for the add-on putting contest you will also get a sign to display with a sponsor’s name or the name of the tournament. This sign is free as well as the customization. Some sponsors may want to have their logo on the sign, as well as text and/or the tournament name, we can definitely do that. You will want to indicate on the application that you would like to use a logo. Once you fax over the application form you will email the logo to US Hole In One’s art department.

What are Hole In One Insurance Bonus Prizes?

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

US Hole In One is a leading provider of hole in one insurance for golf tournaments due to many factors including great customer service, low price guarantee on policy rates, and the featured hole in one insurance prize packages. Our prize package makes US Hole In One stand out from its competitors because of all the complementary prizes included. When pricing out hole in one insurance, the price is based on the number of golfers, distance of the hole, and prize value of your grand prize. Once the price s determined most other companies will cover just that one hole for that price but not US Hole In One. They include a smaller bonus prize for all the other par 3’s on the golf course.

These are included at no extra charge and the only stipulation is that the hole play 130 yards or greater for the tournament. Most clients will utilize all three hole in one insurance bonus prizes due to the fact that a normal 18 hole golf course will have four par 3‘s, one for your grand prize leaving three to be covered with bonus prizes. US Hole In One offers a LCD flat screen television, a set of Callaway Diablo irons, and two round trip airline tickets anywhere in the continental US. These prizes are also for hole in one insurance winners but with the prize package you are able to cover all the par 3’s on the course giving your golfers a much better chance to walk away with a prize that day!

Putting Contest Insurance Rules:

Friday, May 25, 2012

Putting contests are great way to add even more excitement to your golf tournament and they are also a great way to raise extra money for your charity. When purchasing insurance from US Hole In One it is very important that you read the Terms and Conditions very carefully regarding the rules for holding a putting contest.

Unlike the hole in one insurance contest, the putting contests are not for everyone in the tournament.  Many people are confused by this and ask why everyone cannot take a putt for the cash. The answer is simple, the odds of making a putt are much higher than those of making a hole in one, and therefore it would be very expensive to allow everyone in the tournament to take a putt.

To pick the one finalist for the putting contest you can either hold a raffle and pick one name from a hat or hold a putt off.  If you choose to hold a putt off you need to make sure that the qualifying putts are not longer than half the distance of the final putt (i.e. if the final putt is 50 feet the qualifying putts must be 25 feet or less) and they must take place on a different hole than the final putt as well.  US Hole In One requires that all putting contests are videotaped and show the measurement of the length of the putt.  Depending on the value of the grand prize you will either need to have one or two witnesses who are 18 years of age or older.  One of whom may need to be a PGA Pro or a Police Officer.

If you are interested in hosting a putting contest at your next golf tournament please give one of our highly knowledgeable contest consultants a call today!

US Hole In One’s Low Price Guarantee

Friday, May 11, 2012

US Hole In One wants to make sure their customers are satisfied and remain loyal to our company. We understand that part clients being loyal to US Hole In One is offering the lowest price and great customer service. We are so confident that we offer the lowest hole in one insurance price around for our clients. Included in the price, quoted to you by your tournament consultant, is not only the grand prize hole but also bonus prize holes and signs, all for one price! While most competitors don’t even offer a prize package that is all inclusive, US Hole In One guarantees that the price your receive from our company will be less than any other quote from a different hole in one insurance company.

In the rare case that a client comes back to us with a lower price from a different insurance company, the process of the low price guarantee is simple. US Hole In One will gladly review the quote and beat the price.  A tournament consultant will ask the client to email or fax over the lower quote just so US Hole In One can verify that the lower quote is from a valid insurance company (one backed by an underwriter). After making sure that the company has an underwriter, your consultant will adjust our price, and we take 10% of the difference then subtract that number from the lower quote. From there you will be emailed over an updated quote and application and you’ll have hole in one insurance in place that same day!

Do I Need A Hole In One Insurance Witness?

Monday, April 30, 2012

Making sure the correct witness requirements are met for a hole in one insurance, putting, and shootout contest is extremely important in order to guarantee a payout in the case of a winner. For the three contests, the requirements will be different, some more intense than other due to a high element of risk involved with the hole in one insurance. For full witness requirements you should be sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions for the contest you are running. Here is a breakdown of the different witness requirements for the contests offered by US Hole In One.

Hole in one insurance policy: The requirements for the hole in one insurance policy are probably the most confusing for clients to understand. The requirements are broken down based on the prize value you are insuring. Any prize under $60,000 only requires one person who is over the age of 18 and not playing in the tournament to sit at the prize hole the entire time of the tournament. For those prize values from $60,000-$99,999, two people are required to act as witnesses with the same restrictions as above. The bonus prizes do not need a designated witness sitting at the hole for the entire tournament as long as the tournament will be played in threesomes or foursomes. No video is required for hole in one polices unless the value is $100,000 or above or is the tournament has less than 25 player and a prize value of $25,000 or greater.

Putting Insurance policy: US Hole in One can insure putting contests up to $25,000 dollars. For all putting contests videotape is required, this involves the measuring of the putt as well as the person(s) taking the putt. For those values $10,000 and under just one additional person over the age of 18 is required and anything above $10,000 will need two additional witnesses.

Shootout Insurance policy: Like the putting application any shootout contest has to be videotaped. Most shootout contests involve a value of $100,000 or greater, due to this high value in addition to the videotape two witnesses must be present, one has to be a PGA professional or an active police officer. For more questions on any of the witness requirements contact your tournament consultant.

Maximize Your Fundraising for Charity Golf Outings

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So you are running a golf event for a charity or a fundraiser. That’s a fantastic idea, but we should go over a few tips that can help you maximize the net donation to your cause.

Running a golf event is hard enough as it is. You are going to run into problems getting the course in advance, organizing the groups, calculating handicaps or getting food and drink for players and the staff. There are plenty of other obstacles to overcome, but lets face it, your main goal at your golf outing is to raise funds, that’s why you are here, to learn how to do just that. So here are some tips from us at US Hole In One to help you maximize your event and get the best return on your event.
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How long does it take to get Hole In One Insurance?

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Here at US Hole In One, our consultants often get the questions, “is it too late to get hole in one insurance?” or “how far in advance do I need to apply to cover my tournament?” At US Hole In One, we make it easy, as long as the tournament has not started, we can get you covered that day!

It is better to give yourself some time to make sure you can take advantage of all the hole in one insurance package has to offer like free bonus prizes and signs. However, we have many clients call last minute and need hole in one insurance for a tournament that same day. In order to get coverage whether it is an hour before the tournament or a month before is to fill out an application. This can be done with the hard copy of the application that your tournament consultant emails you or an online application that can be filled out right on our website. (You are not obligated to purchase. Feel free to use the calculator as much as necessary) If you are able to get the hole in one insurance application back into us at least 10 days before your tournament then you will be able to take advantage of free shipping on all of your hole in one signs. If you are running a little late, no worries, we can still get the signs to you in time for your event for a small shipping fee.

For those emergency situations where someone forgot to get hole in one insurance or your sponsor backs out last minute, it is best the fill out the online application, you will have coverage in minutes!

Shootout Contests Insurance!

Friday, April 6, 2012

US Hole In One is a leading provider of hole in one insurance that are played during the tournament for all golfers in the event however US Hole In One also insures putting contest and shootout contest to add a little more wow to your event. Here are the answers to some of the top questions about Shootout Contests;

What is the difference between a Shootout Contest and a Hole In One Insurance?
– Despite many people’s assumptions there is a difference between a hole in one insurance contest and a shootout contest. A hole in one insurance contest is done during the course of play and involves all golfers in the tournament. A shootout however is done before or after the tournament and usually involves a larger prize for only one to four golfers.

What is the pricing for a Shootout Contest?
– Shootout contests are priced per golfer and can insure a grand prize up to 1 million dollars (40 year annuity).

How do I select the person for a Shootout Contest?
– The contestant is picked at random, a good idea is to sell raffle tickets at the registration table then after the golfers are done playing select one name and have them take the shot. This is also a great way to fundraise for your event.

Where can I hold the Shootout Contest?
– Unlike the hole in one insurance contest the shootout does not have to be on a par 3 hole. You can use whatever hole is closest to the clubhouse for convenience and measure out the minimum distance of 165 yards from the cup.

What are the witness requirements?
– The shootout contest does have to be videotaped. In addition to the video you will need two non event participants to act as witnesses. One of these two has to be a PGA pro to a police officer.

For more information or to receive a quote on a Shootout Contest, call us at 888-882-5440!

Hole In One Insurance Policy Change and What Happens If It Rains:

Friday, March 30, 2012

Making a change to your US Hole In One Insurance prize coverage policy is easy. After you fax or email us your hole in one insurance application or purchase the insurance online you can make any necessary changes up until the morning of the tournament. All hole in one insurance changes must be submitted in writing, either email or fax. These changes can be submitted up until the day of the tournament but keep in mind, we must receive them before the tournament starts.
If you are changing the number of golfers in your tournament, the yardage of the par-3 hole, or the value of the grand prize there will probably be a change in the cost of the hole in one prize coverage. Once US Hole In One makes the change to your policy, this will take place within twenty-four hours or by the first business if it is over the weekend, the charge or refund will be made in the same way which you initially made payment for the policy. At this point you will also be emailed an updated hole in one insurance certificate of participation reflecting the updated hole in one policy.
If you get rained out and need to reschedule you need to send an email to no later then the first business day following the tournament date. If you do not have the new date at that time that is okay but we still need to be notified. You can send an email later with the new date. If you need to cancel the hole in one insurance policy completely, you will need to email the same email address no later then the first business day following the tournament date and we will refund all monies less the $40 cancellation fee per policy.

US Hole In One Provides More Than Just Hole In One Insurance:

Friday, March 16, 2012

US Hole In One not only provides hole in one insurance but we also sell putting and shoot out insurance. At US Hole In One we try our best to remain the lowest price on the market for our hole in one insurance, putting and shootout coverage. For less than a couple hundred dollars you can add a putting or shootout insurance contest to your hole in one insurance or if you are not having hole in one insurance at the event, you can always just run a shootout or putting contest to add a little excitement to the day!

The putting insurance quote is based on three factors, how many people you want to attempt the putt, the distance of the putt, and the value you want to give away. Most people only have one or two golfers from the tournament participate in the putting insurance contest since the odds are in the golfers favor or making the putt. US Hole In One offers two different distances for a putting contest, 40 or 50 feet. Obviously the shorter the putt the more expensive the insurance will be. Putting contests can be insured up to $25,000. The most common policy for a putting insurance contest will be the 50 foot putt for one person from the event for a $5,000 prize; this is less that $200.00 for the policy.

The shootout price is only based on two factors, how many people are going to participate and the value of the prize. All shootout insurance contests are based at 165 yards or greater so the yardage or distance does not factor in the price. The shootout insurance is also going to be a per person price, like the putting not everyone in the event is able to participate in the shootout contest because with prize values so great, it can get expensive. Shootout prize values range from $100,000- $1,000,000. The most common policy will be one person for a million dollar prize (40 year annuity) for the price of $200.00.

Don’t forget about other promotions to run during your event! We can help you with running contests like a dice roll, a lucky envelope draw and many other contests. If you have an idea of what you want to do let us know and we would be happy to work with you!