What Should You Do After Making A Hole-In-One?

At first, this par 3 feels no different than any other. You pull out your rangefinder and check the yardage. Toss a little grass in the air to see if there is a breeze. Select your club and tee up your ball. Make your swing and watch the ball fly through the air....

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4th of July: 4 Ideas To Incorporate In Your Golf Tournament

The 4th of July is all about celebrating our country and playing in a golf tournament can be an awesome way to enjoy the day and take pride in the “land of the free and the home of the brave”. The challenge for tournament directors: how do you make your event stand...

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How To Use Our Online Application App

Here at US Hole In One we pride ourselves in creating a streamlined purchasing process for our customers. We try to make the process of getting hole in one insurance simple and painless so tournament directors have more time to focus on their tournament and golfers....

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1 Million Reasons to Hold A Shootout Contest

Did you know that one of the best ways to raise money for your favorite charity or youth sports league is to host a golf tournament? For a small fee, most public golf courses will allow you to host an event and you can charge between $400 - $750 per 4-person team. The...

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Five Things Great Golfers Do Differently

Spring is coming! The April trip to Augusta National for the Masters is less than 2 months away. In other words, a new golf season is quickly approaching. Seems like a good time to ask – what separates elite players from weekend warriors?  No – the answer isn’t they...

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Plan A Chari-Tee Golf Tournament

Your next golf tournament can produce more than one grand prize winner! Consider benefiting a charity organization or cause to make a difference in many people's lives! Charity golf tournaments are known to be a very lucrative fundraising strategy. They can also be...

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Get Back To The Swing Of Things

Swinging a golf club isn't natural, and neither is getting adjusted to a world post pandemic. Adjusting to the new normal is hard for everyone. With some states slowly relieving stay at home orders, golfers are headed back to the green to brush up on their skills. It...

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Golfing Precautions To Practice When Returning To The Green

Golfers are used to following rules. As the rules of golf can change pretty frequently in comparison to other sports. But with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, golfers will have to follow health and safety guidelines while golfing at their local course. If golfers don’t...

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