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How To Prepare For Your Spring Golf Tournament

Monday, January 25, 2021

What’s the key to pulling off a successful golf tournament this year? It’s preparation, of course! This spring, most golfers will be eagerly returning to the course as vaccines begin to get administered and COVID restrictions loosen. Golf was one of the first sports to make a return after the gathering restrictions in the summer of 2020, so it’s no surprise that golfers are becoming more comfortable with returning to the green. They are ready to play, so you’ll want to make sure your tournament is ready as well!

Set Your Tournament Goals

First, when planning your tournament, it is important to have specific goals. You can ask your team, “How much money are we trying raise?” or “What is the main purpose of our event?” Set goals that relate to your specific event. If you don’t have big goals, try to envision the little things that you can do to improve your event from last year.

Choose & Reserve Your Course

Make sure your desired golf course is available for your intended date(s). And before you choose your course, make sure you fully review the playability of the course, as well as the extra fees and features the course includes. Some courses may provide additional amenities for your event like rental clubs or catered box lunches. With the current times we are in due to COVID, you will want to make sure you ask how they are keeping their event safe and what sanitation protocols they follow.

Find Sponsors

If you want big sponsors for big money, consider why companies should sponsor your event and what they get. Sponsors will always want to know ‘what’s in it for them.’ Develop several levels of sponsorship packages that will meet your event goals and your sponsor goals.

Prepare Marketing Ensure your marketing is ready for the spring season. Get your golfers hyped and ready by sending email marketing campaigns and social media posts. A press release can be made to target specific industries that coincide with your event for both sponsors and golfers.

Hole In One Contest

One event you can host that markets itself is a hole in one contest! More games and contests make more money and create “bragging rights” amongst golfers. By purchasing Hole In One Insurance, it covers the cost of the prize in the event of someone hitting a hole in one. This concept can also be done with a putting or shootout contest which can generate additional income for your event. Many car dealerships and travel agents view Hole In One contests as a big sponsorship opportunity so reach out to a few local businesses and see what you can find!

If this is something that you would like to include at your next event, we here at US Hole In One are more than happy to help set up and send you a quote. Whether it is your first time or tenth, US Hole In One is here to make it easy with all of your golf tournament contest needs.

Pick Your Prizes

Keychains and SWAG merch shouldn’t be the only prizes you give away to your attendees. Give away major prizes and generate additional excitement for your event like cars, watches, trips and even $1,000,000! You may think that people won’t be judging, but you’ll be judged by the gifts and prizes you give your golfers. Give them quality and things that they will use and display. There is no better way to promote your event for next year than through word of mouth. If you put sponsors logos on your gifts and prizes, they will pay for all the gifts that you need and more for the exposure.

Need more information on making sure your spring tournament is a success? Contact US Hole In One at or speak to a representative at 888‐882‐5440.