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Is Golf A Game Or A Sport

Friday, September 28, 2018

The old debate of classifying golf as a sport or just a game is just as bad as the laurel vs yanny debate. Some hear yanny while others hear laurel. And same for golf – some believe its a sport others believe it’s just a game. People say that it comes down to the lack of rigorous physical activity that is needed to play. Others believe it’s due to the variations of the game and the ways that it can be played. For example, when you say you are playing mini golf, do you believe you are playing a sport or a game? Fun and leisure activities like this that surround golf has caused many to believe that it’s nothing more than a game and cannot be called a sport.

No matter what side of the fence you are on in this debate, your tournament can experience the best of both world with a little help from US Hole In One! For your pros and amatuer golfers, give them the chance to exercise the sport and play the game of golf.


In golf, like in other sports, there is a correlation between physical training and improved performance. With US Hole In One, we can help improve your golfers performance, by giving them the opportunity to train to win top cash prizes and getaways! A Straightest Drive or Longest Drive or Closest To The Pin contest is the perfect way to have your golfers focus on strategy, balance, flexibility, posture, core stability, strength, power, and cardiovascular training. Like other sports, playing golf can lead to problems in the lower back, elbow, wrist, hand, shoulder, or head. More than half of professional golfers have had to stop playing because of their injuries. So holding contests as a way for training for the sport will be appreciated by your golfers.


The game of golf can be enjoyed through countless ways. Let’s face it – golf is a fun activity that can be played by both young and old. Playing the game of golf through a contest like a hole-in-one, putting, or shootout is a fun-filled way of having your golfers loosen up and not take the game too serious. With US Hole In One, we offer contest coverage to assume the risk associated with offering a valuable prize. When you get coverage through US Hole In One, if you have a hole in one contest winner, we become fully responsible for paying out the prizes!

For more information on how you can use US Hole In One for your next tournament or event, give us a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at


Free Golf Clubs For Your Golfers

Friday, September 14, 2018

For most golfers, the only way to win some freebies would be to enter a local golf tournament to  compete to win. Scramble tournaments may also reward free clubs for in-tournament contests, such as longest drive, closest to the pin and longest putt. Raffling is another way to take home some free prizes. But by getting coverage with US Hole In One, just having your golfers enter your tournament automatically awards them with a complimentary golf certificate from Warrior Custom Golf!

After purchasing coverage with us, we will send along with your signage, your free certificates. On the day of the outing, at the registration table or check-in spot, hand out a certificate to each golfer. After the event, your golfers can redeem their certificate for their choice of a 19-Degree Hybrid Club and/or 60-Degree Lob Wedge exclusively from Warrior Custom Golf.

There is no cost associated with receiving the certificates. As an event organizer or sponsor, US Hole In One is offering the certificates to you free of charge. And even though each club typically retails for much more, Warrior Custom Golf has agreed to offer them for free to your golfers. However, golfers will be responsible for a flat fee of $16.45 for the Wedge, $23.50 for the Hybrid or $36.40 for both clubs to cover the cost of professional custom fitting, packaging the club securely for shipment & sending it to the golfer’s desired mailing address.

So join the “free golf club” club! If you would like to receive the complimentary certificates, just give us a call (888-882-5440) or email us at to request info.