Top 10 Things to Know About Hole In One Insurance from US Hole In One

October 31, 2012
Posted by Sarah Halcovage
Hole In One Avenue

Hole In One Avenue (Photo credit: The Puzzler)

Purchasing hole in one insurance is a new thing for many people. It is not a task they have ever completed before, which can make it a bit overwhelming buying it for the first time. Before you purchase coverage from US Hole In One, here are a few things to know about hole in one insurance.

1. The yardage for the Grand Prize Hole must always be AT LEAST 150 yards for men/135 yards for women. If the prize value reaches $50,000, that yardages increases to 160 yards for men/145 yards for women. For grand prizes $100,000 or greater, the yardage MUST be at least 165 yards for men/150 yards for women.

2. The yardage for the bonus holes can NEVER be less than 130 yards for men/115 yards for women.

3. Women may shoot at a distance of up to fifteen (15) yards less than where the men tee off.

4. The prize value is automatically restored to its starting value for each and every hole in one! However, it is not restored for prize values of $100,001 or greater.

5. Changes to number of golfers, hole number, hole distance, prize value, etc., requires written notification to US Hole In One prior to the start of the event. This can be either via e-mail at or fax at 610-525-8004.

6. Any cancellation or rescheduling of the event requires written notification NO later than the first business day after the event.

7. US Hole In One can provide hole in one insurance for any golf tournament that is taking place anywhere in the United States or Canada. There are some exceptions for golf tournaments taking place on US owned military bases outside the United States and Canada.

8. Signs for the grand prize and bonus prizes are FREE with the purchase your hole in one insurance! Shipping is also FREE, as long as US Hole In One receives your application outside of 10 days of your tournament date.

9. Included with the purchase of hole in one insurance is complimentary gifts for every golfer in your tournament! They include certificate redeemable from Warrior Golf for free golf clubs and $15 off gift card from Golf!

10. Add-on putting contest are available at a discounted rate with the purchase of hole in one insurance.

For more information, please contact a US Hole In One  tournament consultant at 888-882-5440.

By: Sarah Halcovage

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