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Alabama Aces!

According to the Associated Press and Yahoo News, Pierre Fournier and Ken Osborne hit back-to-back holes in one. The interesting thing is that Fournier teed off first, but his ball landed some eight feet past the hole, rolled back to the cup and didn’t go in until after Osborne’s had gone in. Now that’s teamwork! This happened at Cypress Lakes Golf and Country Club’s 12th hole, in Alabama.

The news article states that Jim Stansell, their playing partner, said he did not think Osborne’s ball knocked in the other ball. If it did, USGA rules would have required Fournier to replace his ball as close as possible to its original position. Thank goodness for that! Fournier estimates that at least 90 seconds passed between the time Osborne’s shot and his own ball fell into the cup.

This is an amazing feat but it is unfortunate that their hole in ones were not covered by a hole in one insurance company. We at US Hole In One provide this service and our hole in one winners have walked away with grand prizes ranging from $5000 cash to brand new vehicles or even $1 Million. Winning one of these grand prizes definitely offsets the hole in one tradition of having to buy drinks for everyone in the clubhouse, unless you already have deep pockets. So if you get the chance, it would be a good idea to tell your tournament director about US Hole In One. The good news is that we cover the whole of USA and Canada so chances are you won’t be left out.

Our congratulations go out to all those who have recently gotten a hole in one, regardless of whether they’re on the PGA Tour or just playing with some friends. To those who have had multiple holes in one all we can really say is, keep up the good work!

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