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Can My Event Afford Hole In One Insurance?

Many times, people look at the cost of hole in one insurance (typically between $200-$1000) and immediately assume that their small golf event cannot possibly afford it. However, before tossing away the idea of a hole in one contest, keep in mind the power of the sponsorship. At US Hole In One, roughly 70%-90% of all hole in one prize coverages are “sponsored” events meaning that the sponsor name printed on the contest sign differs from the name of the group organizing the event. In fact, very few tournaments sponsor their own hole in one contests these days.

So you are probably asking yourself, “Who sponsors hole in one contests?” The answer is everyone. While car dealers are by far the most popular sponsors of golf contests, local businesses of all shapes and sizes find the beneficial advertising powers of sponsoring an event to be good enough reason to lay down the cash and sponsor a local golf outing’s hole in one event.

With so many golf tournaments competing for the same golfers, it is more important than ever that your event keeps raising the bar in terms of entertainment and fun. Hole in one contests are by far one of the most exciting contests that can be run at a golf outing. For that reason, you should definitely consider soliciting local businesses as sponsors of your event. After all, it is a win-win situation for both parties: they get to advertise their name on the contest signs for everyone to see, and you get your hole in one insurance at little to no added cost.

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