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Types of Golf Insurance for Your Event

Friday, December 5, 2014


Lake Placid Club

Lake Placid Club

US Hole In One offers different types of contest coverage for your golf tournament. These contests give your golfers a chance to WIN BIG at your event, making it even more exciting! The different golf insurance contests that US Hole In One offers are  hole in oneputting and shootout insurance for golf tournaments all over the United States and in Canada. Let’s take a look at the difference between these three different types of golf contests!

Hole In One Contest

The hole in one contest is done during the course of play and involves all golfers in the tournament. It gives all the golfers playing in your golf tournament the chance to win the grand prize on the designated grand prize par 3 hole along with the bonus hole in one prizes on the other par 3’s. The price for hole in one coverage is based on the value of the grand prize, the yardage of the hole, and the number of golfers, amateurs and professionals. Hole in one contest are an awesome addition to a golf tournament because it gives every golfer in your tournament a chance to shoot for a grand prize. Read the rest of this entry →

Other Contests for your Golf Tournament

Friday, June 6, 2014


A great way to add excitement and add excitement to your golf tournament many golf events have a hole in one contest at their tournament.  A hole in one brings players to your tournament by giving them an awesome incentive to sign up, a chance to win an AMAZING prize. Hole in one contests are effective because they allow all the golfers playing during the event a chance to win a grand prize on the designated grand prize hole, and bonus hole in one prizes on the other par 3’s.  In addition to US Hole In One‘s hole in one insurance, there are other great addition that US Hole In One offers for golf tournaments that even offer the organization running the event a chance to raise some extra money for a good cause. Read the rest of this entry →

Witness Requirements for Golf Contests

Friday, February 21, 2014

putting_green_-_female_001After securing your hole in one, putting and/or shootout coverage, there are required actions that must take place, and the BIG one is abiding by the terms and conditions of the contract with US Hole In One. One of the many major items in those terms and conditions is the witness requirements! The witness requirements are extremely important for the hole in one, putting, and shootout contests for the winner to be guaranteed the payout. Remember, if a hole in one occurs without the verifiable presence of witnesses as stated in the terms and conditions of the application, your hole in one insurance provider will have no obligation to pay the prize value, or any portion thereof, to the client. For each contest there are different witness requirements because there are factors that go into determining those requirements.  So what are the witness requirements for your upcoming tournament? Here is a full breakdown of the witness requirements for all golf contests offered by US Hole In One! Read the rest of this entry →

What If Your Tournament Is Cancelled?

Friday, February 7, 2014

Golf-RainSomethings can be unpredictable! Lots of hard work goes into planning a tournament, but sometimes, despite the event coordinator’s best efforts, there are some things cannot be controlled.  The weather, number of golfers registered or the lack of sponsors can cause a tournament to be cancelled and sometimes within the last few day leading up to the event or in the case of the weather, the day itself.  No need to worry if  something comes in the way of the golf event taking place, US Hole In One offers a simple cancellation policy. The policy allows the director to call off the event if needed without losing the entire premium. Read the rest of this entry →

Other Contests for your Golf Event

Friday, November 15, 2013

dicepreviewUS Hole In One offers hole in one, putting and shootout insurance for golf tournaments all over the United States and in Canada. Hole in one contests take place during the course of play of the tournament and the putting and shootout contests usually take place directly after the tournament. But many tournaments do not end after the golfing is over, dinners or luncheons are often held as a part of the price to play in the event. This gives the golfers the chance to socialize, eat and drink and celebrate the champions of the day! Read the rest of this entry →

A Rundown of the Winners in 2013

Thursday, October 24, 2013

This has been a VERY busy year at US Hole In One. But as 2013 is slowly coming to an end, we wanted to thank all of our awesome customers for another amazing year here at US Hole In One. We are so lucky to have great customers that make our job a littler easier every day and so much more enjoyable. So to all of you, THANK YOU!

This past year we covered thousands of tournaments! Along the way, we have had a plethora of winners. Here are a just a few of our many lucky golfers in 2013! Read the rest of this entry →

Make Sure to Read the Terms & Conditions!

Friday, March 22, 2013

When you purchase hole in one insurance for the first time, it may be a little overwhelming. If there is a winner at your tournament you want to make sure nothing goes wrong and you follow all the rules! Once you bind your coverage with US Hole In One, you will be emailed a certificate of participation. Along with the certificate of participation, the terms and conditions will also be attached.  The terms and conditions are able to answer almost any question that you may have about the policy you just purchased.  These are a must read before your tournament!

The terms and conditions in its entirety is important, but there are a few areas of them that are very important and you will want to pay close attention to. The first of these areas is the witness requirements which are broken down by different prize values. Next is how to contact US Hole In One if you need to make a change to your original contract, because maybe you need to change of date due to the weather, or the number of golfers for example. Also in the terms and conditions is how to contact US Hole In One if you have a winner.  The yardage requirements for both the grand prize and bonus prize holes for both men and women golfers can be also found in the terms and conditions, along with details regarding your target hole and bonus prize holes. Then there is US Hole In One’s policy on prize restoration, which is a must know!

The terms and conditions are different for hole in one contests, putting contests, and shootout contests, so you need to review the one that is specific to your particular contest. It is never a bad idea to have a copy of the terms and conditions with you on the course on the day of your golf tournament, that way you can always reassure yourself of all the rules!

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions, please contact an US Hole In One tournament consultant by phone at 888-882-5440 or by email at


New for 2013 from US Hole In One!

Friday, February 22, 2013


Golf Anyone?

Golf Anyone? (Photo credit: Amber B McN)

Spring is here! We hope everyone survived the winter and is having the best of luck planning  their 2013 tournaments. Before you know it, your golf tournament will be here! But before you give us a call here at  US Hole In One to secure your hole in one insurance, putting insurance and shootout insurance, we have some exciting news! Just like a new year brings change for everyone, it is no different for us here at US Hole In One. US Hole In One is always working extra hard to provide different ways to make your event even better than it was the year before. We take pride in being the leading provider of hole in one insurance and understand that we need to stay at the top of our game. In order to be the best, in addition to providing our customers excellent service, we have to come up with new ways to make your golf event even more exciting in 2013. So, now that 2013 is well underway, what changes are happening at US Hole In One? Read the rest of this entry →

How Much Is A Putting Contest?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

English: Recruiting Brochure: Shot of Bay Area...

Have you ever considered a putting contest for your golf tournament? If you haven’t, the real question you should be asking yourself is why not! A putting contest is a very easy way to raise some extra cash at your golf event and it provides a great incentive for people to sign up. And guess what? It does not have to cost an arm and a leg! There are many different ways to make your golf event more exciting, but a putting contest is an easy add-on. Read the rest of this entry →

Add-On Putting Contest Insurance:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Looking to add something extra to your hole in one insurance package? US Hole In One offers add-on putting contest insurance, at discounted rates, when you purchase them along with your hole in one insurance package.

Adding a putting contest to your tournament is a great way to raise money as well. By selling tickets during registration and throughout the tournament you can raise money for your organization. At the end of the tournament select one lucky golfer’s name from the tickets sold during the day and give that person a chance to putt for a big cash prize.

US Hole In One offers three options for the add-on putting contest. All putts must be sixty feet and they are for one contestant, you just need let us know if you would like to purchase the putt for $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000. All putts must be videotaped. The video needs to show the measurement of the putt and the lucky golfer taking their one shot. Keep in mind that the flag must be pulled during the putt. You will also need to have one person who is eighteen years of age or older, who did no play in the tournament, to act as a witness.

When you purchase the insurance for the add-on putting contest you will also get a sign to display with a sponsor’s name or the name of the tournament. This sign is free as well as the customization. Some sponsors may want to have their logo on the sign, as well as text and/or the tournament name, we can definitely do that. You will want to indicate on the application that you would like to use a logo. Once you fax over the application form you will email the logo to US Hole In One’s art department.