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A Successful Golf Tournament Starts & Ends With US Hole In One

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Did you have your golfers and sponsors save the date for your 2019 tournament? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Often times, tournament planners forget the competition that surrounds golf events. Remember that you are not only competing for golfers but sponsors as well. The sooner you start promoting your event, the better. And building the excitement for potential golfers and reeling in the right sponsors starts with the right prizes, contests and marketing. If you need help launching, you are in luck. US Hole In One can help select the best contest for your event and elevate the experience for your golfers. This will allow you to stress less about major concerns like how you will pay for a $1,000,000 shootout winner. Instead, you can redirect your focus on obtaining more golfers, sponsors and overall fun!

To get things off to a good start, it’s a good idea to establish your financial projections for your event. What will your budget allow? With US Hole In One, you can still have great prizes on a low budget. Our golf promotion insurance options can cover prizes like cash, cars and trips so that you don’t have to choose between having a worth-the-win prize or saving money.

Once, you set up coverage with US Hole In One, details for the rest of your event will slowly fall in place. Our insurance packages comes with great extras to make marketing your sponsors a breeze. We provide high-quality signage to promote your sponsors so they can get the recognition they deserve. Coupons and certificates are also included for your golfers as a great addition to your registration table to show appreciation towards your golfers even before they start playing. We offer coverage for three main golf contests: hole in one insurance, putting insurance, and shootout insurance. You may feature any or all of these promotions at your next golf event and offer exciting grand prizes to participants! If this isn’t a good start, we don’t know what is.

Starting with US Hole In One will ensure that you don’t have to end up paying for your huge grand prize if a golfer makes and ace – it’s on us! If you’re ready to purchase prize coverage for your golf promotion, don’t hesitate to contact us today! You can also speak with an experienced representative in working with golf event organizers by calling 888-882-5440 or email us at

Highlights From Our Podcast With Happenings Media

Friday, March 1, 2019

You may have been a client of ours for years, or you may be new to our company and services. Whatever the case, we think that everyone can benefit from listening to our new podcast with Angela Giovine from Happenings Media. We strive to be as transparent as possible with our business and practices, so why not learn the bare truth about our rise and future progression of our business. Our co-owner of Foresite Sports, Greg Esterhai exposes how he and business partner James Nam built their business from a dorm room at the age of 22 into an prize indemnity insurance empire! We highlight some of the most profound questions, answers and quotes from the interview below.

Our Business In A Nutshell

Angela: “Tell me about your company…”

Greg: “The name of the company is Foresite Sports. And that’s our corporated name. Our first real DBA was US Hole In One and that’s sort of our bread-and-butter and still accounts for I’d say 75% of business that we do. Then we have Interactive Promotions Group which is a division off of US Hole In One. And the two of those really combined into the prize indemnity insurance space so what that is is essentially we are an insurance broker who works with groups that run events such as a golf tournament or they’ll be doing some sort of a charity basketball tournament. We’ll deal with different companies car dealerships, casinos especially anybody who’s running an event where they want to give away the potential to win a big prize.”

Angela: “If nobody wins they’re covered and they’re safe but if somebody wins your company helps them pay.”

How It All Started

Angela: “Tell us about how you started this company. How did you think to get into this area?”

Greg: My business partner and I we’ve been best friends since we were in second grade. Went through high school together. Went off to separate colleges. I was a bio minor and psych minor with a health major the idea of maybe going into medicine or something you know in psychology. But my friend had come to me our senior year and asked me if I ever thought about starting a business and if I was interested in starting a business with him.

Greg: “And our plan was at the beginning we were going to run golf outings. Another thought was that we were going to go out there and help these different organizations run these events.”

Greg: “So I remember one of the first things we said we needed to do was we obviously need the phone number for this company so we went into what was the only cell phone store in the Philadelphia area which was on Market Street (Sprint store). And I remember we walked in there and put this on a business card and then as soon as we drove out the city the phone didn’t work anymore.”

Greg: “Within the first couple years we started to see the one thing a lot of these groups were asking for was this hole-in-one insurance that was sort of a staple a lot of these tournaments that we started to realize that this is more of a product that we can actually sell as opposed to a service.”

Growing The Business

Angela: “And you had pretty strong growth, you grew your business pretty quickly from the gecko. How are you able to grow and become so successful so quickly?”

Greg: We were just fortunate to be in the right place at the right time and I say that just if you think back to the early 2000’s this was right at the beginning of the internet boom. So again when we were young we lived at home, didn’t have very much money. When we started the business it was from a $4,000 loan from my dad.”

Angela: “It was more handshake than it was the internet.” (referring to the industry)

Greg: “And that was our big entry point. Again being young and realizing that this whole world wide internet thing is probably we going to stick around gonna stick around. Like maybe we should jump on it. And did so we we were fortunate to grab the url And that’s what we did. We just focused all of our efforts to marketing online.”

Angela: “So how many contests are you insuring a year now?”

Greg: “We do about 10,000 events.”

Risky Business

Angela: The definition of the word ‘entrepreneur’ is a risk taker …Can you think of any times where you’ve had taken big risks that have either not gone the way you saw it or we’re big payoff.”

Greg: “Although I consider both my partner and I an entrepreneur I would actually say that’s one thing that we could probably both look back on and say I wonder if we took enough risks.”

To hear the full interview, grab your earbuds or wireless headphones and check out our full podcast through the various platforms below.

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Practice With A Purpose

Friday, February 15, 2019

We have all heard the saying “practice make perfect” But practicing without a purpose in the sport of golf could just lead to monotonous activities that lead to no progression. When golfers practice it is vital to have a goal in mind. Don’t just hit a few balls at the range. It most likely won’t accomplish much in terms of improvement. Whether you want to practice on improving your swing, or work on your tempo, a strategic plan is in order.

Many golfers go to the range to practice their swing. But “practicing your swing” is a pretty broad statement. What specifically about your swing will you want to improve? Is it to stop hitting the ground? Or to increase your speed? Make sure you are detailed in what you want to accomplish. Set repetitive drills to keep you on track. And at the same time, manage your expectations and be realistic with your abilities. Setting a goal to have the longest drive over night is not realistic. Start with increasing your driver distance by as much as 20-30 yards. Or by improving your ball striking distance.

And if you plan to compete in a tournament, sometimes it’s best to step out of the range and onto the green. Start hitting 2 or 3 balls on the same hole or practice a tee shot with a couple balls. This is a great way to learn to focus on the target.

We hope you can utilize these tips to improve your game. If you don’t have a chance to practice on your own, you can practice with US Hole In One. Our Hole In One, Putting and Shootout contests are sure to motivate any golfer! Visit our website for details at

Don’t Wait For Spring To Swing

Friday, February 1, 2019

Spring is around the corner. For most golfers, that means longer days, sunshine and flowers on the course. Even though winter is upon us, there are still lots of great golf to be enjoyed. So don’t put away the clubs just yet. With US Hole In One, your golfers can get ahead of the game with our different contest options and ideas available for winter. While other golfers are taking a break your golfers can practice their game and win thousands of dollars doing it! See below for ways your golfers can still stay active this season.

Take A Golf Vacation

Who says you have to play where you stay? Many golfers head to warm destinations to play a few rounds of golf during the winter. Even the family vacation you are planning with the family can be used to play in warmer climates.

If you are looking for ways to get your golfers active in the winter, we offer prize packages to destinations like Hawaii or Pebble Beach. These are perfect golf vacations for winter to allow your golfers to practice their game. See here for more details.

Play Indoors

Your golfers are just looking for a little motivation to play. We believe giving them the opportunity to play exciting games that can allow them to win thousands is a good enough reason. With our sister company Interactive Promotions Group, your golfers can play inside with their Indoor Putting promotion. The lucky participant that can sink three consecutive putts from 25 feet away, takes home the grand prize! Check out their wide variety of promotions here.

Hit The Range

More and more golf ranges are offering an indoor virtual experience with golf simulation. It makes for a fun and social experience to practice during winter.

If you decide to play in winter, you will have an advantage over the competition with the extra time, practice and skills you’ve gained. And with the contests that we have to offer, the extra cash wouldn’t hurt either. For more information on what we have to offer, give us a call at 888-882-5440. We will love to assist you with setting up your next tournament.

None Of The Risk, All Of The Reward

Friday, January 18, 2019

It is increasingly difficult to differentiate your tournament from that of your past or competitor golf courses. The one thing that can make you stand out from the crowd is offering your golfers more than the ability to participate, but to be rewarded. US Hole In One specializes in prize insurance for your tournament so that you can provide all the rewards to your golfers, with none of the accompanying risk.

Purchasing hole-in-one insurance is a must for increasing excitement at your golf tournament and at the same time eliminating the stress of wondering if you will pay for the hefty grand prize. Think of it this way, imagine a player manages to hit a hole-in-one during your tournament and your company promotes a grand prize for $50,000! It’s hard to keep a chipper demeanor and be the face of the tournament after realizing your business just took a huge loss. Without hole-in-one insurance  you’d be liable for the whole fee instead of just the premium.

When you have hole-in-one insurance, you can gladly give out that huge prize and actually root for your golfers to win it. Instead of being known as the mundane tournament, your tournament can be known as the one where the local golfer won thousands for a hole-in-one! For more information on our insurance policies and contests, give us a call at 888-882-5440 or explore our website here:

New Year, New Tournament Ideas

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Deciding to have a golf tournament is just the first step. But coming up with the appropriate format for your outing is the next step in assuring the success of your event. With it being a new year, why not try nontraditional ways to play golf? Your players have the natural desire to try something different. There are too many different ways of playing for you to hold the same golf tournament year after year. Find a format that appeals to both your experts as well as amateurs with some of our formats below:


The scramble format is great in tournaments to speed up play. In a scramble the foursome plays together and records one score for each hole. All four golfers tee off then they take the best drive and all hit their second shot from there, the pattern continues for the second shot and so on until the ball goes into the hole. This results in more birdies and pars and a quicker round of play.

Better Ball

The better ball format is very common in golf tournaments. Every golfer plays the hole with their own ball. After each player has finished the hole the lowest score by any golfer in the group is recorded.. This gives the group the opportunity to throw out the poor scores so at the end of the round they end up with one overall lowest score possible. It puts groups of golfers against each other instead of every golfer for themselves.


The shamble is very similar to scramble where all the golfers tee off and pick the best drive. From here all the golfers hit their second shot, unlike the scramble the golfers then play their own ball from the second shot on, like normal stroke play.

Are you ready to get your hole in one insurance in place for an upcoming golf tournament? Give an US Hole In One tournament consultant a call at 888-882-5440 or email us at! We look forward to hearing from you!

Golf Tips For 2019

Thursday, December 20, 2018

US Hole In One would love to help you become a better golfer in 2019. With the rules of golf changing January 1st (more than 30 changes to the rules of golf), we want to make sure your game is at its peak no matter how drastic the change may be. Below we have listed a few tips you  can take into the new year to improve your golf game.

  1. Practice makes perfect. Go to practice green to train on your distance, and remember for each distance the placement of your putter head at the end of the backswing.
  2. There is no doubt that you will get better at golf by improving your body and mind. Spend some time in the gym to build strength and pick up some books to improve your skills as well.
  3. Make positive changes to some of your fundamentals, like your grip or stance. You do not have to be at the course or on the range. You can also practice in your home and use soft practice balls in the house.
  4. Playing other sports is a great way to get better at golf. Whether it’s football, hockey, bowling, basketball or billiards. Playing these sports will keep your hand-eye coordination sharp.
  5. Strive to hit your shot in 20 seconds when it is your turn to play to help keep play moving at a better pace.Playing at a better pace is not about hurrying up or rushing around the course.

The last tip of course is to get hole-in-one insurance. Nothing makes a golf outing stand out more than the presence of attractive grand prizes at all of your par3 holes. This gives more golfers the incentive to play in your event. Especially with thousands of dollars at stake. We help give away a wide array of prizes so if you are thinking of giving away a custom prize, we can make it happen! Don’t hesitate to visit our website or to call us at 888-882-5440.

Take A Hole In One Holiday!

Thursday, December 6, 2018

This year Santa and his reindeer are playing golf in paradise and your golfers have the opportunity to do the same. Give your golfers the chance to experience golf with a new scenery. Our Hole In One insurance prize packages can be customized with destinations to places like Pebble Beach, Hawaii, St. Andrews, etc. For more vacation package options look below:

So tell your golfers to not wait! Instead of packing a travel bag to visit one of the most beautiful islands on the planet, with common items include sunscreen, flip flops and shorts. With a golf vacation with US Hole in One, you will need to add your tees, putter and golf balls.

Also if you are not interested in any of the getaways listed above, don’t forget that we can cover any prize you can dream up!  Be sure to call one of our contest consultants at 888-882-5440 for exact pricing and further details.

Your Tournament With And Without Hole In One Insurance

Friday, November 23, 2018

You may be thinking there is a slim chance an amateur will get an ace, let alone on the one hole on your tournament offering a prize. So why get Hole In One Insurance? Well such odds work in your favor when considering Hole In One Insurance, as premiums from US Hole In One can start at as little as $180.

But this is just only a fraction of the benefits your tournament will have with insurance. To anyone who has thrown a tournament without insurance in the past, knows the big difference having insurance makes. We have listed a few of those differences below:

Without Hole In One Insurance


With Hole In One Insurance

Promoting your event can be hard without contests, perks and prizes.


With hole in one insurance, your event will promote itself. You will have the option of having your golfers to compete for top cash prizes! Who wouldn’t get excited over that?
Most tournament sponsors offer such a prize knowing, or at least hoping, that it will only serve as an added draw of golfers and nobody will actually sink the ball in the cup in one shot.


However, with insurance, you will have the ability to become worry free and actually encourage your golfers to make the winning shot. There is no risk to you and the prize will be covered by us!
Without insurance, your ability to make money can be hard since the quality of your prizes are not high.


Add a rule allowing your players to be eligible to win the hole-in-one prize by contributing $1 or an amount of your choice.  
You registration table can look a little bare. How about giving your golfers free gifts as soon as they register? Coverage with US Hole In One comes with free certificates for golf clubs and Worldwide Golf Shops cash cards for your golfers.

To start seeing the difference Hole In One Insurance will make for your tournament, give us a call at 888-882-5440 to speak to a representative!

What To Expect After Receiving Coverage

Thursday, November 8, 2018

If you thought the steps to receiving coverage with US Hole In One was easy, the steps after getting a policy with us is even easier. Once your application is submitted, we will begin printing and packing up your event signage and additional FREE materials that are included in your coverage. This leaves you to only unpack, mount and distribute your coupon and savings to your golfer. If you are currently waiting for your package to arrive, we have listed what to expect in your box when it gets delivered. See below.

  • Bonus Hole In One Insurance Prizes

Depending on what prize package you decided, along with your hole-in-one grand prize coverage, you will receive either standard or premium bonus signage for you to place on your green during the tournament. Your standard signs will include a Sharp LCD Flat-Screen TV, Callaway Irons (3-PW) and Two Roundtrip Domestic Airline Tickets. Premium package will include Apple Entertainment Package, Callaway Woods (1,3 & 5) and Irons (3-PW) and a 750 Visa Gift Card.

  • Free Golf Clubs Certificate

Each player in your event will receive a certificate to redeem free golf clubs. You can give these out at the registration desk at your tournament or make custom goodie bags and include them.

  • Free Worldwide Golf Shops Cash Card

You will also find $10 off Worldwide Golf shops cards for every golfer at your event. And did we mention we offer free shipping? We ship our signs through FedEx directly to Client or Golf Course. We will then ship you your signage via FedEx and email you a link containing tracking information. On the day of your event, place the signs out on the course. If a golfer successfully makes a hole in one, notify us via email within 24 hours, and we will promptly award the appropriate prize to the winner. If you need additional help setting up your materials, feel free to give us a call at 888-882-5440.