Our Favorite Wins of the Year

June 23, 2022
Posted by Amy Corradino

There have been some amazing wins and some even better reactions over the past year. Every time we see how excited not only the winner of our contests get but the audience around them, we remember why we love being a part of your events. At US Hole In One, we believe no perfect golf shot should go unrewarded. We stick by this and love giving out prizes when a contestant successfully makes the winning shot. We’ve had a lot of awesome wins and rewards in the past but we wanted to go over a few of our favorites from this year.


Winner: Michael Covello

Prize: Two Round Trip Domestic Airline Tickets

Many of our winners are normally in shock and total disbelief after they win, which makes their initial reactions priceless. One of our favorite reactions was from Michael Covello. He made a 136-yard hole-in-one at the Northeast Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament this past summer. Covello’s amazing shot earned him free roundtrip airline tickets and he couldn’t have been more excited. His reaction was so amazing that our TikTok of his winning shot gained over 43,000 views! You can watch the shot for yourself here


Winner: Ciaran O’Brien

Prize: $74,295 2022 Genesis GV80

This next win came from the Genesis Invitational and was easily the highest-profile win we had all year! It is a professional golf tournament on the PGA Tour and is televised nationally. Tiger Woods even hosted this year’s tournament and so we were very excited to be a part of the event. The successful hole-in-one came from Ciaran O’Brien. O’Brien while playing with Keegan Bradley, his Pro in the event, was challenged to make a hole-in-one from 150 yards. His amazing shot on Hole #14 earned him a $74,295 2022 Genesis GV80, the biggest prize we have ever insured!


Winner: Nathan Gilmore

Prize: $2,500 cash! 

Our putting contests are always a hit at the end of tournaments and this one was no exception. During the Marilyn A. Holman Memorial Golf Tournament located in Richmond Virginia, Nathan Gilmore was challenged to make a long 60’ Putt. He sunk the shot and earned himself $2,500 cash! The crowd around him was almost as excited as he was. You can watch his awesome shot on our Tiktok page.


Winner: Geoffrey Shumway

Prize: $50,000 Ford Bronco

Another one of our favorite wins of this year came from Geoffrey Shumway. During the Haydon’s 30th Anniversary Golf Tournament this past October, Shumway was challenged to make a 185 Yard hole-in-one. He aced it and earned himself a $50,000 Ford Bronco! Not only did walk away with a brand new truck but making a 185-yard hole-in-one is no easy feat. It is one of the longest successful hole-in-ones we’ve ever insured.


You can watch all our new winner videos on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and especially TikTok! If there are any winners that we missed, we apologize. Since there are so many, there is a possibility we may have overlooked a few or are still in the process of finalizing paperwork.

Give your golfers the same opportunity as these winners by holding a hole-in-one contest at your next tournament! To get a quote, go to www.holeinoneinsurance.com. Any questions? Email us at info@usholeinone.com or give us a call at 888-882-5440.


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