5 ways to spice up your golf tournament with US Hole In One

October 11, 2022
Posted by Amy Corradino

Golf tournaments are a time-honored tradition in the sport of golf. They provide an opportunity for players of all skill levels to come together and compete in a friendly yet competitive atmosphere. It is also a notoriously conservative sport however, that doesn’t mean that your golf outing has to be boring. If you are looking to add a little spice to your next tournament without compromising the integrity of the game, here are five ideas to get you started:

$1 Million Shootout

There is only one thing more satisfying than making a hole in one: making a hole in one and walking away with $1,000,000! Just hold a qualifying contest (closest to the pin, raffle, etc.) to choose who the lucky contestant will be, and then gather around to watch the excitement unfold. This is a fun higher stake version of our normal hole in one but and will surely be the highlight of any tournament.

Putting Contest

Our 40 and 50-foot putting contests rank as some of the most popular events run at golf tournaments and outings. Many of our customers take advantage of the putting contest, perhaps to sell some additional raffle tickets, to put their golfers’ skills to the test, or to extend the event a little longer. Either way, you are sure to inject some excitement into your next golf tournament.

Dice Roll

Another fun contest to add to your tournament is our dice roll contest. Select four lucky golfers from your event and offer them the chance to roll the dice and spell “C-A-$-H.” You can even add a preliminary contest to narrow down your golfers to four. For example, the golfers with the longest drive have the opportunity to roll for cash!

Interactive Signs

We are all about giving your golfers many exciting ways to win, that’s why we created our interactive signage that comes free with every hole in one prize package. On our grand prize and bonus prize signs are games that your golfer can play between holes. On our grand prize, shootout, and putting signs we are holding a giveaway for all the golfers that want to participate. All your golfers will have to do is post a picture of their group and tag us for a chance to win free golf balls for a year! Not only that but on our Bonus Prize signs (standard and premium) your golfers will get another chance to win an amazing prize by playing out Go-pher the Green digital game. This game can be easily accessed by scanning the QR code on our signs with your phone and it will direct you right to our game where you have the chance to win a $500 Visa gift card from us!

Golf Ball Drop

Through our sister company Interactive Promotions Group, you can add a Golf Ball Drop to your tournament. Contestants will each be assigned a numbered ball and those balls will be loaded into a helicopter or onto a crane and released above a designated target. Prior to the start of the contest, IPG will select a predetermined winning ball number and if the ball that lands closest to the target matches the preselected winning number then that person becomes a winner. This contest is guaranteed to grab the attention of your golfers at your next tournament.

With our exciting contest, we can make any tournament a success. Give your golfers the chance to swing for top prizes at little cost to you. Speak to one of our representatives at 888-882-5440.


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