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Tips: How Golfers Can Get Physically Fit

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Making a hole in one takes a good deal of luck and talent, but fitness as well. The more fit you are, the less likely you are to make a fatigue-related mistake. Golf is commonly mistaken as just a leisure activity and that golfers can never truly improve their golf game by improving their fitness. Even working out and lifting weights was said to be bad for your golf swing. But today, most golfers, if not all have a fitness regimen. Fitness is not just for the pros. Many young players now realize that being in shape is not only great for your health but thier scores. And with senior golfers, they need to work harder to maintain their strength, stamina and power. After a certain age, it’s almost impossible to make great gains in physical fitness. So no matter what age or scale you are on as a golfer, we want to share with you a few tips on how to improve your golf game. Here are a couple of basic tips to get you started:

  1. Stretching is important in all sports and golfing isn’t and exception. First thing is to loosen up your larger muscles by doing exercises like standing y’s, seated rotations or hand-walks.
  2. Cardio training is important to maintain your endurance. Opt to walk over using the cart. This will give you an extra opportunity to exercise and strengthen your legs.
  3. Exercise bands and weighted balls are used for most golf exercises. Weight training use to be taboo to the golf world but is now accepted as being beneficial to your game. Training your golf muscles will lead to better fitness and in many cases will add distance to your shots.
  4. Look for exercises that strengthen your core and torso, including moves where you twist from the waist and bend at the hips (as it mimics your golf swing).

Fitness is a serious subject that goes far beyond the golf course. The benefits will not only help your golf game but also help you feel better in general. For more information or ideas on contests for improving your golf game visit our website here.

Securing Golf Sponsorship For Your Tournament

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The best way to reduce the cost for your tournament is by securing a sponsor! A sponsor(s) for your golf tournament can allow you to reduce your overall expenses along with the cost for your hole in one insurance! In the end, more money to going toward your cause. We know what you are thinking. Easier said than done, right? However, with US Hole In One, we make it easy to win over your sponsors by highlighting them the right way. In most cases, the more the sponsor spends, the more they get. So by insuring with us, we ensure that your sponsor get the mention and recognition they deserve.

So what will your sponsor receive by insuring a hole in one prize?  When purchasing hole in one insurance from US Hole In One not only do we cover your grand prize hole but you will also receive an entire prize package!  The remaining par-threes on the golf course are covered with bonus hole in one prizes. Your sponsor has the option of our Standard Package (Sharp LCD Flat Panel Television, 2 Roundtrip Domestic Airline Tickets and a set of Callaway Irons) or they can upgrade to our Premium Package (Apple iPad, Nano & $100 Apple Gift Card, a set of Callaway Irons & Woods and a $750 Visa Gift Card). Signage for the grand prize and bonus prizes are also included. Their name or logo will be featured on our full-color, weather-resistant sponsorship signage. Place them on the tee box, fairway, or green: the more, the merrier. All signs can be customized to fit your needs. And if you don’t see a particular sign you need, just ask and we’ll customize one for you!

With our signage, sponsors should be lining up to your course. For more information on our signage and contests, give us a call at 888-882-5140 or visit our website at