Looking Back on 2013 and Rory McIlroy

Friday, October 18, 2013

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Some golfers are looking back on their 2013 PGA Tour season and are able to smile thinking about great wins and moments, a few that may even define a couple of these PGA pros careers.  While others are able to take some highs they have experienced throughout the season and look to build on them in preparation for the next, there are a few who look back on this past season in disappointment. There is one golfer in particular who may just want to forget that it even occurred, and that is Rory McIlroy.

After a lack luster performance over the course of the past seven months there is not much for McIlroy to hang his hat on.  With a winless record, a missed cut at a Major along with personal struggles, Rory McIlroy had an unmemorable 2013 season.  There is no clear cut reason as to why there was such inconsistency, but many are quick to point a finger at his signing with Nike.  After signing an endorsement contract for $200 million back in January, McIlroy became the face of Nike Golf alongside Tiger Woods.  The young golfer is no stranger to the spotlight, as he had a exceptional career year in 2012, but the one thing that was different in 2013 was what was in his bag.  McIlroy’s switch from Titleist to Nike means he had a whole different set of clubs in his bag.  Could these new sticks contributed to his struggles due to his unfamiliarity with them, as he had only a few months to work with them prior to the start of the season?  Although mainstream media is quick to point a finger at this, it is one thing that McIlroy will not agree with.

Hopefully in the upcoming weeks, Rory McIlroy can turn things around with his last few tournaments of 2013.  And fingers crossed, we will see McIlroy return to his 2012 form come April and his 2014 season will not be that of his 2013 season.


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