Maximize Your Fundraising for Charity Golf Outings

Thursday, April 19, 2012

So you are running a golf event for a charity or a fundraiser. That’s a fantastic idea, but we should go over a few tips that can help you maximize the net donation to your cause.

Running a golf event is hard enough as it is. You are going to run into problems getting the course in advance, organizing the groups, calculating handicaps or getting food and drink for players and the staff. There are plenty of other obstacles to overcome, but lets face it, your main goal at your golf outing is to raise funds, that’s why you are here, to learn how to do just that. So here are some tips from us at US Hole In One to help you maximize your event and get the best return on your event.

First start out by picking a golf course. Even though your event is attempting to raise money for a cause, picking the right course will attract players and in this case your first source of income. Once you know the price per person to play at the course you have chosen, you will be able to determine a reasonable entry fee. Remember, this cost covers greens fees, food and drinks and other odds and ends for your players and guests. Once that is factored in, it would not be unreasonable to increase the entry fee from there to include a donation to your cause, just keep in mind that your players are here to help, not bare the sole responsibility of being the primary donation.

Now lets talk about what we do best here at US Hole In One, Hole In One Insurance. For 15 years, we have been helping our clients give prizes to the players in their events for one of sports most coveted accomplishments, a hole in one (hole in one odds). This is a fantastic way to attract players to your event. The concept is simple, if a player is to hit a hole in one, they win a predetermined prize on that hole. You might ask, “What can the prize be?” It can really be anything, from a cash prize to a boat or a home remodeling, here are some recommendations for you. “Is it expensive?” No, it is surprisingly affordable. Coverage for a field of 144 golfers, shooting at a par-3 hole 165 yards away, for a $10,000 Cash prize is only $287.

Sound expensive? Think about this, the price of attempting to win $10,000, is just over $1.99 per golfer. Moreover, lets consider splitting the winnings and half of that money goes to the golfer and half to your cause, that is why we are here anyway. Now believe me, I do understand than $287 dollars could be just donated to your charity instead. However, having the players help cover that cost means that you no longer have to spend your hard earned donation. Let’s look at an alternative. Sponsorships!

This opens a brand new window of opportunity to raise additional funds. Businesses love making money too, and if they can advertise their brand and help support a charity … well that’s just a winning combination. Call some local businesses and track down a sponsor for your hole in one. Charge them a little extra and add that to your quickly growing fund! Surely you will have some sponsors that are not going to be willing to spend close to $300 on a hole in one contest, but you will have others chomping at the bit to be your event sponsors. But wait don’t leave out the other guys. Starting at just $14 per sponsor sign, offer them the opportunity to be a sponsor as well.

Remember the other things you needed to pay for to run the event. See if you can find sponsors for some of those costs. Golf Cart Sponsors, Lunch Sponsors or Closest to the Pin Sponsor, there is no limit to what can be sponsored, get creative! The more sponsors you have the lower your cost for running the event will be! Plus, you can add a small fee for being a sponsor and once again, increase your earnings. Also, think about running other contests to increase the appeal of playing at your event.

There are two other events that we can help insure on the course. Let’s review them. They are a Putting Contest and Shootout. Both ideas let one golfer attempt a shot to win a prize. Let’s look at some pricing examples. For a putting contest, one player attempting to make a 50 foot put for $5,000 is only $175! For a Shootout, One player attempting to hit a hole in one at 175 yards away for a prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS (40 year annuity) is only $200! Surprised that it’s that affordable? It is very affordable! Let’s talk about how to pick a player to attempt one of these shots.

You are not limited on how to choose a player to take one of these shots, in fact, you can do it however you would like! Some suggestions would be closest to the pin on a certain hole or longest drive on a certain hole, but we’re here to talk about raising money. So let me suggest a Raffle. Let players buy tickets from you when they sign in for the tournament (or during or before the event). Than pick at random and that person attempts to win! Don’t forget about sponsorships! Get a sponsor to help with the cost of running these events, I don’t think it should be to hard to find someone to put there name next to a $1 million prize, especially if half of that goes to a charity or cause, and don’t think they won’t publicize it.

Lastly, make sure people know about your event. Having sponsors will help because they will surely want to let the media know of their involvement. This not only increases interest in your event but also your cause, let others unable to participate in the event know where they can make donations.

Hopefully this is a good start for you. Check back with us to see some other non-golf related events you can run and ways to protect your golf event from inclement weather.

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