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When Should I Get Hole In One Insurance?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

If you are like us at US Hole In One, winter means wind, snow, and freezing temperatures, hitting the links is the farthest thing from our mind come December to April! Just because you may not be able to play golf year round doesn’t mean that you aren’t starting to plan your spring golf outing. Here at US Hole In One we get asked the question, how long before my tournament should I sign up for hole in one insurance? Getting insurance for hole in one, putting, and shootout policy is simple, of course the earlier the better to secure hole in one insurance but we can add a policy even up to the day before the tournament!

Once you decide when and where you are having the tournament you can start the process by giving us a call or going to our website to our new online purchase options. Make sure to go to our Hole In One Insurance purchase page. Once you provide us with the required information needed to receive a quote you will be emailed over the application. As soon as we process the application, the insurance will be in place for your event. If you want to take care of the hole in one insurance early we will process your application and send out the signs so you have them in plenty of time for the tournament. If you are on a last minute schedule and don’t need any signage, we can also take care of the hole in one insurance as late as the morning of your event. Keep in mind our hole in one insurance will include bonus prizes for the other par 3’s on the course, regardless if you take advantage our free signage! If you are hesitant on whether you have enough information to get a quote or worried that you don’t have enough time before tee off to get a policy in place, give us a call and we will help you make it work for your tournament.

Hole In One Insurance Witnesses Requirements:

Friday, January 13, 2012

When purchasing hole in one insurance coverage from US Hole In One it is very important that you read the terms and conditions and pay close attention to the witnesses requirements.  The number of golfers that are playing in your golf tournament and the value of your grand prize will determine the number of witnesses and whether or not you will need to videotape your hole in one insurance contest.

You will just need one person, who is eighteen years of age or older and not playing in the tournament sitting at the grand prize hole for all prizes ranging from $2,000 to $59,999.  During the rare occasion that your tournament has 24 or less golfers and your grand prize is valued at $25,000 or greater, you will be required to submit a raw, unedited videotape shot from behind the green in the event that you have a hole in one winner.

For prizes valued from $60,000 to $99,999 you will need two people who are eighteen years of age or older and not playing to act as witnesses for the grand prize hole.  One of these witnesses will need to be sitting at the tee box and the other person will need to be sitting down at the green.

For grand prizes valuing $100,000 or greater you will again need two people who are eighteen years of age or older and not playing in the tournament.  One of these witnesses however, must be a PGA Pro or a Police Officer.  One person will be stationed at the tee and the other at the green (it does not matter which spot the PGA Pro or Police Officer is stationed).  Raw, unedited videotape from is required for all shots at this prize level.

For all bonus hole in one prizes, you will just need the playing partners in the foursome to act as the witnesses at those holes. Videotaping is never required for the bonus hole in one prizes.

Hole In One Insurance Low Price Guarantee

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

US Hole In One Insurance concentrates on getting their clients the deal possible on hole in one insurance. Because of this US Hole In One Insurance offers a low price guarantee to all customers who can find a lower rate for coverage. US Hole In One Insurance does their best to be the lowest price in the hole in one insurance industry and offers a number of incentives all for one affordable cost.

The grand prize policy is what a clients price is base on, the three things that make up this price are the number of golfers in the event, the distance of the par 3 hole, and the value of the prize you want to offer. Based on these three factors, once a price is determined by one of the tournament consultants that will be the only cost the customer will pay. What makes US Hole In One Insurance stand out from the other hole in one company’s out there is their prize package. For the cost of one grand prize policy, the customer will also receive coverage for bonus prize holes as well as signage for all prize holes. For this reason US Hole In One Insurance proudly offers its 10% Low Price Guarantee, if the customer can find a competitor who offers the same prize package at a lower cost US Hole In One Insurance will beat the price by 10% of the difference.

US Hole In One Insurance find its low price guarantee program extremely effective in increasing its customer base. Along with quality customer service and reliable coverage at an affordable cost US Hole In One Insurance has become a leading provider in hole in one insurance.