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Hole In One contributes to win at Dubai Desert Classic

Friday, October 21, 2011

Many thought this would be Tiger Wood’s comeback tournament at Emirates Golf Club in Dubai however it was unexpected name that took the tournament in the final round. Alvaro Quiros a 28 year old from Spain had his biggest career win finishing a total of 11 under in front of Anders Hansen of Denmark and James Kingston of South Africa. Going into the final day of play a handful of players could have claimed the championship including Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Sergio Garcia, and Thomas Aiken. Quiros who is ranked 70th, played his final round with Woods and Garcia who were all tied for fourth place.  Quiros shot  a 4 under 68 score for the final day and despite his triple bogey on the 8th hole, his eagle on the second hole and hole in on the eleventh clinched his title.

Experts have taken Alvaro Quiros’ hole in one and analyzed it giving average golfers a couple tips as to how to achieve that long desired ace. Quiros’ hole in one was 161 yards and where most golfers would need a 6 or 7 iron, Quiros’ hit a wedge. This leads into the first tip which is to know your yardage based on the current conditions on that day.  Iron or wedge shots are not just based on the distance you can carry the club but if you want to make aces you also need to take into consideration the pin placement, wind direction and speed, as well as any water or sand surrounding the green. The second tip is to make sure you make solid contact with the ball. With your irons you should make sure you are striking the ball hard with the club head slightly facing forward, never pancaked out. Lastly it is always important to follow through on all iron shot, coming out of the swing too early will cause the ball to loose distance and not go straight.

Hole In One Insurance Made Easy to Buy

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Do the words “Hole in one insurance” mean anything to you? Unless you have a need for the services that hole in one insurance offers, there is no reason that they would. On the other hand, if golf is your business and competitions are on your bill of fare, this is a name you definitely need to know.

You have probably heard that you can insure anything, well that includes protecting your tournament or your club from the cost of distributing prize money. The concept is exactly what it appears to be. If you are sponsoring a hole in one insurance contest, or offering a cash prize for the accomplishment if it occurs during a sanctioned golf competition, purchasing a hole in one insurance policy places the financial responsibility on us, not you. Hole in one insurance pays out if you purchased your coverage before the start of your event, you receive confirmation from us you are covered and if you follow all the terms and conditions in your policy.

In addition to being innovative, a policy from US Hole In One is easy to obtain and understand. And it makes good sense. Your policy can be in effect in as little as twenty-four hours so go ahead and be as creative as you dare. With a hole in one insurance policy in effect, you are free to excite the participants and to generate interest in your events without putting your own money on the line.

Learn more about hole in one insurance by exploring our website or calling us at 888-882-5440 and satisfy yourself that this is a practical and affordable option when considering cash prizes for your event.