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Why Choose US Hole In One For Your Hole In One Insurance?

Monday, March 21, 2011

When it comes to securing hole in one insurance, putting insurance, or shootout insurance for your golf tournament there are a number of things to consider. US Hole In One has worked to be a leading provider in hole in one insurance by offering the best package at the best price. From our experience when discussing with our clients there are three main point that all event organizers are looking for when getting hole in one insurance.

The first aspect of hole in one insurance that is extremely important to those putting on the tournament is the price. Many of our clients are putting on tournaments for schools or charity groups and want to concentrate on raising money for the event rather than spending a lot. US Hole In One is so confident that we will offer the lowest price out there that they have a “Low Price Guarantee” which states that if a competitors pricing is less than ours we will happily beat the price by 10% of the difference.

The second aspect that customers consider is what is included in that price. US Hole In One offers everything as a packaged deal. For the price of hole in one insurance on the grand prize hole we will automatically include bonus prizes for the other par three’s on the course as well as signs for all prize holes. US Hole In One’s packaged deal has wowed our clients because they are only paying one fee as opposed to some competitors who will add bonus prizes and signs as additional charges.

Third and most importantly is security. When shopping around for hole in one insurance it’s important to trust and feel comfortable with the company. Also it is extremely vital to make sure they are backed by an underwriter so you are covered in the event of a winner. US Hole In One is back by North American Specialty Insurance and is A rated. To find out more about US Hole In One or to get a quote on hole in one insurance, call us at 888-882-5440.

Hole In One Insurance Can Increase Golfer Participation

Friday, March 11, 2011

Most people are looking for innovative ways to promote their events in the best possible ways and increase golfers. Hole in one insurance is a contest where the golf player needs to make a hole in one on the hole specified. Well obviously if someone can make a hole to win $1,000,000 then this surely is inviting and increase the profile of your golf event.

To add this exciting contest to the tournament, the sponsor or the organizer just needs to pay a coverage fee to the hole in one insurance organization and they in turn will payout the prize if you have a successful hole in one. Hole in one insurance contests can become a very effective fund raiser tool as a way to attract more players and sponsors.

Hole in one insurance basically works on certain limits and factors. It depends on how long the distance of the hole and how many players are participating in the contest and the value of the prize. To lower the contest of hole in one insurance coverage you can lower your prize from a Porsche to a nice Toyota. Consulting with an agent for hole in one insurance isn’t a bad idea at all because it might lead to organizing the event in a much better way. Many hole in one insurance agents run their own golf events and can help with the process of running your event more efficiently.

Getting Hole In One Insurance to Work for You

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Next time you are thinking about having a charity golf event, consider getting hole in one insurance. Hole in one insurance will allow you to offer a more substantial grand prize. In turn, this will raise the excitement level about your event and get more people interested in competing. The more golfers competing, the more money you make for your charity.

If you are more interested in running a putting contest, hole in one insurance can help raise the stakes on that as well. Hole in one insurance can give you more options to help maximize the intake for your charity.

Obtaining hole in one insurance is a simple process. You won’t have to play the waiting game to get your quote. There are several companies online offering hole in one insurance, so getting a quote is simple. Just enter your information on the quote form, decide on a date, enter the number of competitors, yardage of hole, and prize description. Leave your contact information and in most cases you will receive a quote within minutes.

Hole in one insurance has many other benefits that will bring more competition to your charity event. There are companies that offer pluses such as free golf clubs to participants. Many of the companies offer free full color signs to advertise your event.

If you are planning a charity golf event, having hole in one insurance on your side is the best way to boost participation. There is nothing more exciting for a golfer than to play for a big prize. With hole in one insurance, you won’t be paying that prize out of your own pocket.