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What is Hole In One Insurance

Friday, November 19, 2010

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As funny as it may sound, one of the most popular questions that our tournament consultants get asked is, “what is hole in one insurance?”  Hole In One insurance is simply contest coverage between the tournament director and a coverage provider, such as US Hole In One.  The agreement will assume the risk in the event that one of your golfers hits a hole in one during your golf tournament.

Let’s say you are running a golf tournament and you would like to put a car on one of the par-three holes so that if one of the golfers in the tournament hits a hole in one they win the car.  The next step would be to figure out what type of car you would like to offer as the prize and if you want to have it at the course that day.  US Hole In One strictly covers the value of the prize so it would be up to you to have a local car dealer in your area bring the car to the course.  Most car dealers are familiar with hole in one insurance and are very willing to do so!  All you would need to find out is the value of the car.

Once you have the value of the car, you will just need the yardage of the par-3 hole that you are going to put the car on and the number of golfers you are expecting in the tournament.  When are you getting the yardage of the par-3 hole make sure you ask the golf course pro if they have a signature par-3 hole that they use for hole in one contests.  Most courses do and usually the hole will have an area where the car can be driven to.

Just remember when you are ready to purchase your hole in one insurance policy you will need to know the number of golfers in the tournament, the value of the prize and the yardage of the par-3 hole.  Once you provide that information to one of our tournament consultants they will quickly calculate your price quote and email you the prize coverage application packet.  If you have any other questions about hole in one insurance do not hesitate to give us a call!

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Also Included In Your Hole In One Package…

Friday, November 12, 2010

When purchasing hole in one insurance from US Hole In One not only do we cover your Grand Prize hole but you will also receive an entire prize package.  We offer hole in one insurance prizes for the remaining par-threes on the golf course, as well as, signs for each prize hole and gift certificates for a free golf club for each golfer who plays in the tournament.

The bonus prizes are for the other par-threes on the golf course that play over 130 yards for the men.  The ladies in the event may play up to fifteen yards closer than the men on these prize holes.  The bonus prizes that come with your US Hole In One insurance packages are:  Sharp LCD Flat Panel Television, 2 Roundtrip Domestic Airline Tickets, and a set of Callaway Diablo Irons.  You will designate one of each of these prizes to the par-threes with the signs provided.  The signs are free and included in the package as well and measure 35” by 22”.  If you would like, we can also put your sponsor’s name and/or logo on the signs.  You are covered for multiple holes in one on each and every par-3 hole for both the grand prize and bonus prizes.

The free golf club gift certificates are included in your package and will be shipped to you in the box with your signs.  This is an opportunity for each and every golfer in your tournament to redeem for a free wedge or hybrid if they so choose.  The clubs are each valued at $200 but your golfers just have to pay the shipping and handling fee.  The shipping fee for the wedge is $11.85 and for the hybrid it is $23.50.

If you would like to purchase a hole in one package for your next golf tournament give US Hole In One a call today.  It’s never too early to start planning!

Bonus Prizes For Hole In One Insurance Policy Bought

Friday, November 5, 2010

A hole in one insurance promising a cash prize, a car or vacation will always generate a good amount of excitement.  Did you know that US Hole In One will also cover additional Bonus Prize Holes? These Bonus Prizes will come at no additional cost and we will also include the signs to go along with them!

These Bonus Prizes make a nice addition to any golf outing or tournament.  They provide the golfers an opportunity to win a prize if they happen to ace a par 3 hole which is not the Grand Prize hole.  It would be disappointing for someone to sink a Hole In One on another par 3 and then have to walk away with nothing at all.  These Bonus Prizes are sure to add more buzz and excitement to an already eventful day!

At the moment we offer several different Bonus Prizes.  They include a set of  Callaway Irons, a Sharp LCD Flat-Screen Television and a pair of round trip tickets to anywhere in the continental US.  You also have the ability to customize which prizes you would like to display.  For example, you might like to give away 2 televisions and 1 set of clubs, or have all the prizes to be Plane Tickets.  No problem, it is all up to you!  Just let us know how many par 3 holes you have, and which signs you want, we take care of the rest.