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US Hole In One News and Notes

Thursday, July 29, 2010

US Hole In One keeps getting better and we would like you to join us on the ride. After all, we truly value our customers and try to provide the best hole in one insurance packages. This blog article is going to share some quick facts about us with you and there is a great hole in one story at the end. So like we just said, come along for the ride.

Did you know that each year we cover a whopping $300 million worth of grand prizes. Some of our top clients include the likes of Microsoft, Bank of America, Red Cross, Nissan, BMW and Ernst & Young. We’ve provided quality hole in one insurance to clients in all 50 states. The hole sponsor signs that we provide are second to none as the diligent workers in our sign department make sure that each sign is precisely cut and laminated. All these hard hours of work are just for you so you know that our product is first class.

Next, our hole in one insurance is unmatched in both affordability and in quality. Customers will be excited when they find out that we have a low price guarantee. Just so you know,“ guarantee” is not a word that we throw around loosely. If you find another hole in one insurance provider who provides a lower rate than US Hole In One we will give you a rate that is less than theirs by 10% of the difference in price. So don’t waste any time! The hole in insurance of a lifetime is right here waiting for you. All you have to do is call us at 888-882-5440.

Now, onto some interesting news. A couple by the name of Margaret and Ken Wakeman were playing golf together at Penn Golf Course, in Dudley, West Midlands when they achieved the unthinkable. West Midlands is in the United Kingdom, but that isn’t what matters. What matters is that both of them made a hole in one on the same par 3 on that same day! Unbelievable. You can question the truth of this story but you can’t question whether they’re a match made in heaven. Our congratulations go out to them.

Golf Club Certificates When You Purchase Hole In One Insurance

Friday, July 23, 2010

When you use US Hole In One Insurance to insure a hole in one insurance contest, a putting contest or even shoot out hole in one insurance not only will you receive free prize signs but in addition you will receive a number of Warrior Golf Certificates. Once redeemed these certificates are good for a free hybrid or wedge. To receive the clubs all your participants need to do is redeem the certificate and pay for the shipping. We will send you enough to ensure that each one of your golfers will leave with a certificate.

Here’s how it works! To redeem the certificate the golfer just needs to fill out the form found on the back of the certificate and then either mail or fax it to Warrior Custom Golf. The option of going online is also available; the golfer just needs to go to ( The only thing the golfer has to pay is the shipping and handling fee that is applicable to each club. The 19 degree hybrid has a fee of $23.50 and the 60 degree lob wedge has a fee of $11.85. Of course the golfer can opt for both of the clubs and only pay $29.95!

These Warrior Golf certificates make a nice addition to any goodie bag or you can simply hand them out at registration. This promotion has proven itself very popular over the past several years and Warrior Custom Golf is one of the leaders in innovative custom golf technology. Remember to use US Hole In One Insurance to insure your next golf event and receive enough certificates for all your golfers!

Why US Hole In One For Hole In One Insurance

Friday, July 16, 2010

Firstly our customer service is second to none. Any client that is looking for quality hole in one coverage with us is treated like a king or queen! On top of that our hole in one insurance packages are affordable. Our customers are free to call us anytime from 9am all the way to 5pm with any questions or concerns. Everyone at US Hole In One Insurance does their very best to put a smile on your deserving face.

Next, we have a great relationship with our underwriters. Every single person that has made a hole in one in one at one of our covered hole in one insurance events were the contest was done correctly has received their prize. We are more reliable than our competitors and this gives us a great competitive advantage.

Another golf event category that we excel at is event signage. We make custom signs for golf outings, million dollar hole in one insurance shootouts, putting contests and many more. The great thing about these signs is simply that they look a whole lot better. When it comes to sponsor signs, we have a variety of templates for all our valued customers to choose from compared to just one template that most of our competitors offer! Our grand prize holes for hole in one insurance come in 3 different design depending on which grand prize the golf event coordinator chooses. Choice is power and we give that to you! Another really good thing about these signs is that they are not flimsy. Some of our staff at US Hole In Hole are keen golfers and have played in events covered by our competitors where the sponsor signs definitely didn’t look as good as ours.

Hole in One insurance might be regarded as a small business but we take it seriously, so if you want the best make sure that you choose US Hole In One Insurance! Our contact number is 888-882-5440 and our website is . Check out our signs on the website. You’ll see exactly what we’ve been talking about. Till then take care and we look forward to working with you.

How Fast Can You Get Hole In One Insurance?

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Are you planning an event last minute and would like to offer a hole in one insurance contest? If so, you really only need a small amount of time to get covered by US Hole in One. A hole in one insurance application is necessary in order for golfers to be covered by the program. However, what you may not realize is that we can easily accommodate these application requests up until the first golfer tees off at your special event.

However, waiting until the last minute is not always a good option. The sooner we receive this application, the sooner you can be set to go. It is best for you to give us at least ten days before you event to process the majority of your applications, if not all of them. This way, we can easily guarantee that you will receive the hole in one insurance and the contest signs in plenty of time for your special event. Plus, if you do get your hole in one insurance application to us by at least ten days out, we do not charge you shipping for those contest signs.

Once your event gets within 24 hours of its start, we cannot guarantee that you will have the hole in one insurance contest signs you need to promote that event. However, if you do not need these signs, we would be happy to accept your application up until your first golfer gets started. However, for the best planning advice, and the most success with your event, do give us as much time as possible to process your application.