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Things You Should Know About Hole In One Insurance

Friday, June 25, 2010

We’re back to give you some more facts about hole-in-one-insurance. Knowledge is power and everybody at US Hole In One wants to make sure that you stay in the loop. These are important things that you should know:

  • For the par 3’s women may only tee off at a distance of up to fifteen (15) yards less than the men.
  • The yardage for the Grand Prize Hole can NEVER be less than 150 yards for men/135 yards for women.
  • The yardage for the bonus holes MUST be a minimum of 130 yards for men and 115 yards for women.
  • You only get one shot to make it big! So, no practice shots or mulligans, or substitute shots for any players are allowed.
  • Unless it is dictated, the Prize Value is automatically restored to its starting value for each and every hole in one! However this restoration is not valid for Prize Values of $100,001 or greater.
  • When someone makes a hole-in-one, the association member should immediately call US Hole In One with the good news. Also, written notice by the association member to USHIO MUST be done no later than the first business day after the event.
  • As in all agreements there is the possibility of disputes. all disputes between the association member and USHIO or its underwriters shall be governed by the laws of the State of Pennsylvania, without regard to its conflict of laws, and submitted to binding arbitration in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration Association and pursuant to the provisions of the Pennsylvania Uniform Arbitration Act. The venue for such arbitration shall be Delaware County, Pennsylvania.
  • That concludes our blog segments on hole in one insurance rules and policies. We wish you a bright future. Hopefully one filled with lots of hole-in-ones!

    Hole In One Insurance Can Change Your Life!

    Friday, June 18, 2010

    Everybody at US Hole In One hopes that you are having a great summer. It’s warm and definitely the right time to be playing some golf. So make sure you play some outings, but make sure you play in the right ones. What do we mean when we say the right ones? The best outings are the ones that have hole in one insurance contests! Tournament directors who get hole-in-one-insurance are takings steps in the right direction. Hole-in-one-insurance change lives and this story proves it.

    Jason Bohn, a current PGA Tour player, made a life changing hole-in-one in a charity fundraiser outing in his sophomore year at the University of Alabama. What’s even better is that the tournament director made sure that the event had hole-in-one insurance. Jason Bohn instantly became a millionaire. Yes ladies and gentleman, a millionaire! His life was never the same. Bohn then dropped his scholarship, accepted the money and used it to start his career. It proved to be a great investment as he made it on tour. Now that’s a life changing hole-in-one! Jason Bohn has won twice on the PGA Tour and once on the Nationwide. We have a link to his life changing hole-in-one-insurance below. Check it out:

    So the bottom line is that nothing can go wrong when you have hole in one insurance! Imagine if that fundraiser didn’t have hole-in-one insurance. That would be terrible. So the million dollar question is, “Where do I get it then?” The answer is US Hole In One. We offer first class hole in one insurance and have been putting a lot of smiles on lucky golfers’ faces for a while now. The good news is that you can be one of those golfers. All you have to do is call 888 882 5440, or you could visit us on the web right now at www.holeinoneinsurance .com. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

    Have You Seen The Bonus Prizes?

    Friday, June 11, 2010

    What if you had no luck hitting a hole in one on the hole that was chosen for the grand prize hole but then you moved to the next par three and bamn! A hole in one!! Can you imagine the frustration of that golfer? To hit a hole in one in a tournament that offered a hole in one prize on one hole but to do it on a different hole that didn’t have a prize would make any golfer miserable. That’s why, US Hole In One offers bonus prizes for your additional par 3 holes.

    If you have a bonus prize set up, they could have walked away with something in their pocket. That golfer would not qualify for the grand prize since the grand prize must be hit on the specific hole previously selected. A bonus prize works to help satisfy your contestant that obviously deserves some type of reward, even if it is not the grand prize.

    So, what do you get when you purchase insurance from US Hole in One? With your hole in one coverage, you also get bonus prize coverage. However, that coverage is only for other par 3 holes on that golf course and it is only good for aces hit during the tournament that you have obtained coverage for. As the tournament director you can rest assured that those who come to your event will be satisfied even if they do not hit that hole in one on the main prize hole but hit it on another par 3 on the golf course.

    If you would like more information about our bonus prize offers, contact us right away. We are happy to provide you with the aid you need in securing that prizes for your contestants to work towards.

    Hole In One Insurance Bonus Prizes

    Friday, June 4, 2010

    As tournament directors plan for their hole in one insurance contest, often times they try to select the right hole in hopes that someone will actually hit a hole in one on that hole and walk away with a big prize. However, don’t forget that when you purchase hole in one insurance through US Hole In One that you are purchasing contest insurance for one specific hole and that we are also throwing in bonus prizes for the other par three holes on the course.

    With US Hole In One, we understand how it can be frustrating to have a player hit a hole in one on another hole, during the golf tournament, and walk away with an impressive game but without the grand prize in his back pocket. That is why bonus prizes are offered on every hole in which a hole in one could be achieved. A bonus prize is not as flashy or as expensive as the grand prize, however, the smaller hole in one prizes are ideal for any other par 3 holes on the course in which a hole in one is made.

    How does this work? Let’s assume that during your golf tournament that none of your golfers hit a hole in one on the par 3 that you have selected as your grand prize hole but someone (or multiple players for that matter) hit a hole in one on one of the other par three holes. That golfer may not win the car or the huge cash prize, but instead, they win a bonus prize, which could be a television, set of golf clubs or airline tickets for two anywhere in the domestic United States.