April 09, 2010

Golf Training Tips!

If you ever get the chance to actually go to a Professional Golf Association Tour event you will see the players working diligently on their games on the driving range. You might see some funny looking training aids too but don’t be intimidated. These same training aids can help you too. Here are two of our favorites at US Hole In One.

The first effective training that we at US Hole In One recommend is called the Perfect Grip and Mark O’Meara endorses it. As the name suggests, it teaches you how to grip the club correctly. You attach it to the grips of your clubs and make your regular swings. Your hands are your only connection to a golf club so you have to make sure that your grip is good. That makes it a lot easier for you to hit a good shot or even get a hole in one.

The next training aid is as simple as it gets: a string and two pencils. You’re probably wondering what this is helpful for. The answer: Putting. You start by sticking one pencil in the green directly behind the hole and the second one about 10 feet from the hole. The pencils should match the line that you want to putt the ball on. So if the putt is breaking from the right the first pencil at the back of the hole should be slightly to the right. Now, tie a string to the top ends of the pencils and put a ball directly under the line. Now you’re good to go. Putt you heart away. This is a phenomenal drill for improving your putting. It’s so good that just writing about it makes us at US Hole In One want to do it.

Trust US Hole In One to keep giving you more game-improvement tips. However our forte is hole in one insurance. So if our game improvement tips are this good, wait till you get a piece of our world class hole in one insurance. Golf outings are so much more fun when there is a grand prize for hole-in-one winners. Tell the tournament director at your club that US Hole In One is definitely the way to go. For information of the golf outing and insurance services that we provide, feel free to call us at 888 882 5440 or check out our website which is www.holeinoneinsurance.com. Enjoy!