March 12, 2010

Who Will Support Tiger?

It’s far too early to get a feel for the public opinion on Tiger’s apology video however the praises from his sponsors and fellow players are extremely supportive. Tiger’s two main sponsors Nike and EA Sports decided to stick by Woods’ side after the cheating scandal came into the view of the public while other such as Accenture and Gillette dropped Tiger because of concern that he would not portray the companies in the correct light. Now a couple months after the scandal, Tiger has been in and out of therapy and addressed the public for the first time since November.

After the apology Nike and EA sports showed their full and continued support of Woods. Nike Company was quoted this statement after the speech "Tiger has apologized and made his position clear. Nike fully supports him and his family. We look forward to him returning to golf." EA Sports president Peter Moore also released a similar statement. There has been no word from Accenture however many think that it was controversial of Woods to pick this weeks to make his public apology as it is Accenture’s Match Play Championship where many of Tiger’s fellow professionals are competing.

Many interviews and reports show that the professionals out there are supportive of Woods. Both Luke Donald and Stewart Clink both described the apology as “heartfelt” and genuinely believe that Tiger just made a mistake and that he will be back. Most of the players agree that when Tiger makes his move back into play he will be well received and accepted. Woods’ comeback is by far more concerning to the golfers than issues in his personal life. There is no set date or tournament that Tiger will be making an appearance in yet however his return is highly anticipated. We at US Hole In One hope that he makes his return by the AT&T National PGA event on July 1, 2010 which is hosted right down the road at Aronimink Golf Course.