March 26, 2010

US Hole In One’s Top Reason’s To Play Golf

Golf is a great game to play. It is not played as much as other mainstream sports but it is still worth it. To some it might not be a sport, but true golfers know that it is way more than that. Here’s why we at US Hole In One think golf is a good game to play:

1. Whether you’re a weekend hacker or seasoned pro, you can enjoy the game. Also, you can play it for your whole life. You won’t see seventy year old people playing soccer on a regular basis, unless they’ve found some fountain of youth.

2. What game do you know of whose rules stipulate that if commit a foul you should call it on yourself? If you take this trait with you off the course, you will be a better person. Integrity is a quality that true golfers have. Interestingly this character trait is not present in abundance these days.

3. Golf is one sport that allows you to appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. Playing a spectacular course like Pebble beach is an unforgettable experience. We at US Hole In One guarantee that there are millions of golf courses all over the world that will take your breath away.

4. Getting a hole in one that is insured by US Hole In One is a great feeling. It means that you could win a grand prize that ranges from a cash prize all the way to a brand new car, depending on what the tournament director wants to be the grand prize.

Golf truly is a great game and anyone that gets to play it is privileged. The downside is that it is an expensive game as it costs millions of dollars to maintain golf courses.