February 19, 2010

Hole In One at 90 Years Old!

Practice makes perfect in any sport, especially golf! Golf, unlike other contact sports, is one that you can participate in well into your old age. Many seniors take up golfing as a hobby after they retire and it a great way to stay active! The senior golfers may not have the technical parts of their swing down as well as the younger players but that doesn’t mean that they don’t make par! One 90 year old golfer, Angelo Fichera, may not have the swing he used to have when he was young but that doesn’t mean he can’t hit the ball far and straight! This past week Fichera hit his sixth career hole in one at Vista Plantation Golf Club in Vero Beach Florida.

Fichera said he had a lot of luck on his side but regardless he hit his 7 wood straight to the green on the number 13 111 yard par 3. He says he didn’t see the ball fall into the hole however being familiar with the downward sloping green he knew that the ball had to either go in the hole or roll off the back of the green. He admits that some of the younger golfers would have used a 9 or an 8 iron on that hole and reached the green but as long as he can hit the ball with accuracy he will score just fine!

Fichera has had a history on hole in ones, scoring two in just the last 3 years; his sixth at the age of 90 and his fifth just three years earlier at 87. US Hole In One congratulates Angelo on his sixth ace accomplishment and reminds you to remember to insure a hole in one policy for your next golf tournament!