January 08, 2010

US Hole In One News

December is typically a cold month, and the recent snowfall has rivaled that of past years. Most people have dreaded going outside whilst others are more than comfortable with playing in the snow. Altogether, the weather has been cold but that has not stopped people from getting holes in one!

US Hole In One recently learned that an eleven year old by the name of John Michael Sullivan got his first ace on Dec. 6 at West Hill Country Club in Camillus, New York. He started golf at the age of 5 and has already made at least 50 birdies. What’s even more impressive is that he made his hole in one in the snow. There is even a picture of him standing by the hole in the snow. It seems like a lot of 11 year olds got holes in one in 2009.

The next ace is also by a youngster and it takes us to England. Young George Dedwell, according to the Dereham Times made his ace on the 23rd December, 2009 at Dereham Golf Club. US Hole In One would like to congratulate him!

So, once again the weather did not stop these two young golfers from getting holes in ones. But there’s one more thing that the winter weather can’t stop….and that’s US Hole In One’s never-ending commitment to providing quality hole in one insurance. We are open year round and have no problem helping you to choose the best hole in one insurance package for your present and future golf outings. Besides hole-in-insurance coverage, US Hole In One provides golf outings services like custom sponsor signs which will definitely stand out on every tee box or wherever you choose to have them set up. Call 888-882-5440 or visit our website www.holeinoneinsurance.com to find out exactly how US Hole In One can change the way you have golf outings forever! Take care and we hope you have a Happy New Year!