December 18, 2009

Accenture is finished with Tiger… Will more follow?

After 6 years, major consulting company Accenture Ltd has officially ended their sponsor relationship with Tiger Woods. Accenture is the first major sponsor to completely sever any ties they have made with the golfer. With the recent activities surrounding Woods, Accenture stated that the golfer “is no longer the right representative” for the company. Accenture plans to take immediate action and wants to re-image their campaign completely. The process will be tough, however actions are already being made to their outdoor advertising in replacing billboards and other advertisements that carry the Tiger name and slogan at local airports. Accenture’s campaign highlighted the slogan “Go on, be a Tiger” and centered their advertising solely on his ability to play golf. If he is out of the golf world indefinitely then obviously Accenture’s campaign holds no credit. Dropping Tiger is only the first of big decisions that Accenture will now have to make. They will have to develop a new message and a whole new concept, potentially leaving the golf market.

Now that Accenture has cut its ties with Woods, other sponsors are also coming out with their decisions on whether to back Tiger. Gillette, who uses Tiger in many commercials alongside other high power “celebrity athletes”, has decided to pull Tiger from certain ads while not cutting him out completely. Other major sponsors such as Nike, Gatorade, and EA Sports are still reporting to support Tiger and stick with him however now that a major sponsor such as Accenture has called it quits, will the others reconsider?

We at US Hole In One Insurance hope that Tiger works out his issues and returns to golf as quickly as possible. Having Tiger back in the action and maybe getting a hole in one at his first event would be truly great. The PGA Tour and the sport of golf have benefited greatly from having Tiger Woods over the past 10 year. We hope that the next decade is just as prosperous.