November 13, 2009

Amazing Hole In One

We at US Hole In One are in total disbelief at how we haven’t shared this hole in one with you. As readers of this blog already know; we always do articles on amazing hole in ones, but this time we promise it’s different. Vijay Singh has made a lot of holes-in-one but this has to be his best. We truly have not seen anything like this before. We are very enthusiastic about all hole-in-ones and that is why we provide hole in one insurance.

Well, it’s about time to get to the point and you’ll understand why this hole-in-one was the hype. At this year’s Masters Vijay Singh, Sean O Hair and Ken Duke were playing the par 3 16th hole when they decided to walk to the water’s edge and try skip the ball over successfully. Sean O Hair was the first to try and he hit a low bullet that skipped across the water and made its way onto the green with no problem. That’s a tough act to follow right? Think twice my friends!

Vijay calmly stepped up and did the unthinkable. He too, hit a low bullet that skipped across the water. It made it to the front of the green ball and trickled up the right-hand side of the green. The ball kept going until it caught a slope that directed it to the hole. The rest is history. The ball rolled smoothly down the slope and disappeared. There’s a lot of ways to make holes-in-one. Some people hit high shots that land softly and go in, some slam-dunk it in, others hit ricochet it off something, but Vijay practically got the ball to walk on water. Now that’s impressive!

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