October 23, 2009

Playing the Toughest Shot in Golf

Lorena Ochoa isn’t just a fabulous golfer. She is also a well respected Golf Digest Playing Editor, and she only writes articles for Golf Digest. She has an interesting article in October’s issue of Golf Digest, where she explains how to play a 40 to 50 yard bunker shot. Many golfers truly dread this shot because it is very challenging. However, with Lorena’s help golfer’s lives around the world should get a little easier.

She starts her article by saying that on bunker shots of 40 to 50 yards she prefers her 9 iron over a sand wedge. She explains that in order to get that much distance with a sand wedge, which is more lofted, she would likely hit under the ball and land it short or catch the ball thin and skull it over the green. Therefore, the 9 iron is the easier alternative. She then says that she can reach her target with a 9 iron, using the bounce on the bottom of the club to slide through the sand with more room for error.

According to the Golf Digest article, she swings the same way she would with a sand-wedge explosion shot. In order to do that, she starts by opening her stance and clubface to the target, and gripping on the handle. She takes the club back along her stance line and then swings through on an out-to-in path. Her left arm is firm at impact which keeps her from releasing her hands.

The final result is a ball that comes out fairly low, so she allows for some roll. She says that this shot is extremely effective when the pin is on a back tier. She ends off by encouraging golfers to practice this shot so that they can be fearless when they’re faced with a long explosion shot on the course where it matters the most.

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