October 16, 2009

How Many Holes In One Has Tiger Woods Hit?

A hole in one is a difficult shot to hit no matter who you are. It may or may not surprise some, then, that Tiger Woods, often considered the world's best golfer, has hit 18 holes in one in his lifetime. This is according to USA Today. That number is remarkable and it is something that anyone would be proud.

Interestingly, though, of all of these holes in one hit, Tiger Woods has not hit one in the PGA tournament in the last ten years. The last time he hit one during the PGA was in 1997, at the Phoenix Open. Another memorable hole in one by Tiger dates back to 1996, when he got an ace at the Greater Milwaukee Open.

What does this say about today's top golfer? For most, it would say that it is possible to hit many hole in one shots, but in reality, it is quite rare. The odds of an individual hitting an ace in any golf event are likely to be 3,125 to 1 based on the fact that a standard tournament will allow the golfer to play 4 par 3 holes that day. When you consider the fact that Mr. Woods has hit at least 18 known holes in one in his lifetime, he really blows those odds out of the water!

A hole in one is a shot that goes into the hole straight away. There is no second shot, but rather the initial shot sinks the golf ball. It is rare to get a hole in one however it is one of the surest signs of a good player. We would love to hear your hole in one stories so feel free to comment on this article with any hole in one stories you may have. We would especially like to know if you ever got an ace at a tournament to win a prize. We cover thousands of events each year with hole in one insurance and give away hundreds of prizes each year. Let us know if you are one of the lucky golfers!