October 02, 2009

Business on the Golf Course

Golf can be used to accomplish a lot of things. In this blog article, we at US Hole In One will share some tips on how to play good “business golf.” We discovered these tips from golf magazine’s instruction blog, and we encourage you to check out the other articles in that blog.

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher Keith Lyford is the author of this blog article and his first tip urges readers to keep business talk to a minimum on the course. He strongly believes that the main focus of business golf is to get to know people better, and build relationships. “It’s not really to do business on the golf course. The best time to do business is after the round, in the bar. Go get a few drinks, light snacks, and you can talk business there,” he says.

He goes on to say that when you do discuss business on the course, don’t do it on the first hole. He goes on to say that you should limit the business conversation to short little snippets because you don’t want to delay the game. You should use small points and continue the conversation at the next tee or on the green. That way, people will have a chance to think about what you’ve said.

The next tip is to play at a good speed. Slow play is annoying and Lyford states that nobody likes a slow player. Lyford says that the golfer should keep their pre-shot routine between 15 and 25 seconds, and try to take only one practice swing per shot. “If your ball goes in the bushes, don’t take the whole five minutes allowed to search for it. Just throw one out and keep playing. If it’s the client’s ball, go ahead and look for it longer,” he says.
The third tip is not to get angry. Lyford says that it will reflect poorly on you if you’re getting angry or screaming profanities.
The fourth and most important tip is not to cheat. Lyford feels that if you cheat on the course, you probably cheat in business.

Cheaters never prosper, especially in the insurance business. We at US Hole In One pride ourselves on being people with integrity. We promise that you won’t regret working with us. Contact us at 888-882-5440 for affordable hole in one insurance, and golf outing services.