September 25, 2009

Utah's Million Dollar Man!

Have you ever made a hole in one? If your answer is yes, we bet you that it wasn’t for a million dollars. Utah has its own million dollar man, Jason Hargett, courtesy of the hole in one that he made at the Mark Eaton's Celebrity Golf Classic on the Red Ledges golf resort near Heber City in Utah.

An article on explains that Jason was given the opportunity to participate in a hole in one contest. Little did he know that the golf shot he was about to play, would change his life forever. From 150 yards out, and with his brother's nine iron he made the million dollar shot. Not bad! We also learned from the examiner that due to a sore wrist, Jason wasn't even going to play in the tournament, but changed his mind at the last minute. He didn't even have his own clubs, and that’s why he had to use his brother's. The article then jokes that maybe now he will offer to buy the club that changed his life. We at US Hole In One hope that his brother welcomes the offer.

The article concludes by informing the reader that shortly after making the shot, Jason sent a text message to his wife to tell her that their "lives had just changed". However Jason did say that he plans to keep working. He is a manager at Ruby River Golf Club in Provo Utah.

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