August 14, 2009

What Happens If Your Event Is Cancelled?

For some people, it is important to know what happens in all of the "what if" situations. It makes for good planning, after all. Perhaps you are considering a hole in one event, where you will sponsor a putting contest or a shootout. You are worried about what would happen in the event of a cancellation or perhaps a rescheduling situation. The good news is that there are plans already in place to help you in these events.

For example, if your event has to be put on hold because of poor weather conditions, just let US Hole in One know and they can help you to reschedule the event. Be sure to let them know within a business day of the event not taking place.

If there is some other reason you find your event unable to go through, you can get a refund for your investment. You will receive a total refund minus the required US Hole in One cancellation fee. This fee is $40.

In the event that the event has to be spotted half way through, it is important to let US Hole in One know how many shots have been taken at that point and then you will get a refund based on that number.

In situations where you just need to postpone the event, there is no fee for doing so. Therefore, why not choose another date instead and let your event roll on through? You will find that hole in one Insurance is as flexible as necessary to make sure your event is as successful as possible.