August 21, 2009

How Does A Putting Contest Work?

Those considering a putting contest may want to know how the process works (since it may not be as simple as it sounds.) Those who obtain putting contest coverage from US Hole In One will be able to offer a substantial grand prize to a player if they are able to sink an ace, or accomplishes the other goals of the contest. With putting contest coverage, the sponsor (you) do not have to pay out of pocket for the grand prize, but instead, US Hole in One covers those costs. You pay a simple premium, which is a small fraction of the actual grand prize's value.

But, what's the golf aspect?

Here is an example of how you can use putting contest coverage for your special event.

• You are hosting your standard golf tournament, one you hold yearly. You decide you want to get more people involved so you offer a large prize and contest for the end of the tournament.
• You host a putting contest on the practice green. You choose one golfer to make one putt and that will be set up at 50 feet from the cup.
• If the golfer is able to successfully make the putt they will win the grand prize your have selected ahead of time.
• Remember, you do not have to pay for that grand prize, because US Hole in One covers the costs, assuming you have purchased putting contest coverage in advance.

The process is quite simple and the results are outstanding. For any sponsor of a putting contest, or anyone who needs to draw people in, contact US Hole in One to learn more about the process and get an instant quote.